Volkswagen Arteon Showcase Release

November, 2018

The car manufacturer Volkswagen revealed one of its recent vehicles last year at the Geneva Motor Show. The Arteon finds itself a position above the brand’s Passat and is created on their Modular Transverse Matrix (MQB).

This new Volkswagen model will join the list of business-class sedans that are looking for attention in a segment that seems to be losing popularity to the SUVs of today. The Volkswagen Arteon goes up against stiff competition in the forms of the BMW 3 Series/4 Series Gran Coupe, the C-Class of Mercedes Benz, Jaguar XE and the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

With Volkswagen’s CC now confined to their history books, the Arteon goes above the Passat and takes the lead as the new flagship Sedan of the brand. But is it worth the attention? Let’s find out.

Volkswagen Arteon 2018 Features

Sleek Coupe Design

With regards to the Arteon’s design, it combines a sleek coupe appeal with the same luxury and size of a sedan. It features a liftback tailgate which allows the driver to benefit from the space it has to offer. Aside from that, it can be opened by just kicking your foot on the front sensor which makes it quite convenient if you have your hands full. To close the tailgate, a button can be pressed or by letting the Easy Close function take over to automatically close it when you move away. Together with the sleek design, the Arteon also has frameless side windows located at the front and back of the vehicle.

Dynamic Light Assist

The Arteon features Dynamic Light Assist which will make sure that the driver is provided with the proper lighting they need for any condition. Aside from that, this feature also provides better visibility for the vehicle to other drivers. This system will automatically control the high beam by masking it a little whenever another vehicle approaches in order to avoid dazzling oncoming traffic. Such a feature makes it a lot more convenient and safer when driving at night.

Dynamic LED Indicators

There are Dynamic LED indicators located at the rear tail lights of the Arteon 2018 model. The purpose of these indicators is to sweep inside and out to give the other drivers signals that are more noticeable along with an added flair of dynamism to a feature that would otherwise just be ordinary.

Ambient Interior Lighting (3 Colour)

The interior of the vehicle features subtle LED lighting which gives the people inside a luxurious and colourful ambience for their cabin as it can be lit up in yellow, white and blue colours. To adjust the brightness and operation of the lights, users can control all of these via the Infotainment system.

Folding Door Mirrors

The Arteon will boast of its electric capability when its side mirrors automatically fold up against the car whenever you lock it. This will keep the mirrors out of the way and protected without having to do them yourself. Upon unlocking, the vehicle will operate the mirrors and put them back to their original position.

Active Dash Display

The Arteon’s Active Info Display is the replacement of the traditional system that can be found behind the steering wheel offering a 12.3” high-definition digital screen to drivers. This display places everything the driver needs at their front with views that can be easily configured for the navigation, driver assistance, vehicle functions and infotainment system.

Gesture Control

It is possible to enjoy the display of an amazing 9.2” high definition screen to operate the entertainment, navigation and gain access to a wide list of vehicle features as well. Gesture control allows users to navigate these menus via a simple swipe of the hand mid-air.


The infotainment display will allow users to access the screen of their smartphone and utilise apps, maps, music and more through the vehicle’s touchscreen. This has become a possibility thanks to the interfaces of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.

More Media Control

The all-new Media Control feature provides the passengers of the vehicle more options to control the media without having to distract the driver to do it. This app will let compatible iOS and Android devices act as a remote control for the infotainment system and let users control certain functions such as the radio and navigation.

Volkswagen Arteon 2018 Specs and Safety

Having a four-cylinder engine is not what most people would expect from the top Volkswagen vehicle, but the 206 TSI R-Line 2.0-litre turbo four of the Arteon is capable of providing an amazing 206kW and 350Nm. This kind of output is capable of giving the 1.6-tonne sedan a burst of speed reaching 0 to 100km/h in just 5.6 seconds. You have a formidable vehicle especially when you combine this statistic with the all-wheel drive and seven-speed wet clutch DSG.

With regards to the cabin, you get a spacious design that offers great head, leg and shoulder room for the driver and passengers. The back legroom is quite good and is almost like being in a limousine. Although the swooping roofline of the 2018 Arteon is quite amazing, it still reduces the headroom for people in the back row.

The boot capacity of the vehicle is 563 litres, which is a hundred litres larger than the A5 model’s cargo capacity and even higher than the BMW 5 Series wagon. The liftback hatch can be very useful for people who are trying to open it with their hands full as they can simply kick it open with their foot.

All Weather Lights

One of the technological features that the Volkswagen Arteon 2018 model boasts is the all-weather light function it has to offer. It is capable of illuminating roads better even in poor weather conditions such as snowfall, fog and rain. The vehicle’s lights will switch on simultaneously having its primary beam in both headlights to give a better view of the road up ahead.

Traffic Assistance

The traffic jam assist of the vehicle makes traffic a lot bearable. It helps the driver get through stop-and-go traffic a lot easier with tested functions such as the Lane Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control. The Arteon is capable of following the vehicle ahead of it up to 60km/h and will automatically operate the brakes and accelerator within its limits to help avoid collisions.

Parking Assist

The vehicle comes with sensors at its sides and rear bumpers that will actively assist drivers looking to do a 90-degree park without any trouble.

360 Degree Area View

The Arteon comes with four cameras that are going to provide live information about the vehicle to the driver. There are also four wide-angle lenses that are hidden in the wing mirrors and the rear and front parts of the Arteon to give the driver extended field vision and better assistance for difficult manoeuvres.


Individualism is brought to a whole new level with the personalization option that comes with the Arteon. It is possible for the driver to set their preferred settings which can include air conditioning, seat configuration, safety assistance, radio station and more, and then save these settings so they will be remembered the next time. Even if there are multiple drivers, the vehicle will remember the person and adjust to their preferred settings accordingly.

BlueMotion Technology

BlueMotion Technology is all about giving a vehicle higher fuel efficiency together with a start and stop system. It is a money-saving feature that will stop the engine automatically whenever it comes to a standstill, which will help cut back on your consumption of fuel. The system is going to start itself up again when the vehicle in front starts moving and will ensure that the engine is ready to go to make the start and stop process very seamless.

Pedestrian Monitoring

The vehicle is always keeping an eye out whenever you’re traversing busy roads or traffic. A City Emergency Brake feature together with a Pedestrian Monitoring function will use radar sensing to detect whenever something suddenly gets in the way of the vehicle without warning. This is going to give a signal to the driver as a warning. If the driver fails to react, the system will automatically perform an emergency brake.

Proactive Protection

You and your passengers get proactive protection when driving the Arteon as the built-in sensors of the car is capable of detecting potential accidents in its front and back. When a potential accident is identified, the system will warn the driver using an alarm together with flashing hazard lights to other road users. The front seat belts will then automatically tense up to protect the driver and passengers, and any windows or sunroof that are opened will start to close with a little opening to give the best conditions for airbag deployment.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

The ACC system lets the driver set the speed that they want to travel together with the gap that they wish to allow between them and the vehicle in front of them. By using radar sensing, the Arteon will maintain the speed and distance it had been set to and will make longer journeys so much easier for drivers.

Side Assistance

The function known as Side Assist is going to help make changing lanes a lot safer. This feature makes use of two radars located at the rear of the vehicle to scan vehicles behind the Arteon that are within 50 meters and any cars that are approaching when the driver wishes to change lanes. This active steering feature will also put resistance to the steering wheel in case the driver wants to change lanes while there is a vehicle at their blind spot. This will further give them warning of a potential collision which makes the Volkswagen Arteon price worth it.

Accessories You Can Get with the Arteon

Bicycle Carrier – This bicycle holder is aerodynamic and will provide a system that will quickly fasten any bicycle attached to it for easy fit and peace of mind.

Tablet Holder – The module is located between the headrest mountings of the front seat and can be used to hold various tablet devices, providing convenience and comfort for any trip.

Coat Hanger – You don’t have to worry about creases when bringing your coat with you as you can now put this on the coat hanger offered with the Volkswagen model. The hanger can be attached and removed easily.

Overall, the Arteon is a deserving vehicle to be ranked as one of the flagships of the Volkswagen cars available today. The luxurious features that it has to offer together with advanced technology make it an excellent vehicle to drive today. It also retains the utilitarian feel that comes with Volkswagen by being easy and practical to use day to day.

The vehicle scores the highest points when it comes to the space it has to offer in this Volkswagen Arteon review. There is a lot of room for the front and rear sections that put the Audi A5 Sportback, Jaguar XE and BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe in the dark. Amazing leg and knee room for people who are six feet tall can be obtained with the Arteon today. However, one of the things you should know is that the shoulder room can be a bit tight for three individuals who are sitting side by side at the rear section. But this shouldn’t be nearly the same as what some would experience in the back of an Audi A7 vehicle.

For those who are interested in giving the Volkswagen Arteon a test drive, call John Hughes now to set an appointment with us!