The Ultimate Driving Hero

April, 2019

This is the ultimate limited edition collector’s motoring fantasy! The Hyundai Iron Man Kona is the hero the motoring world has been begging for. Here to save us from the boring 9-5 work commute, and lifting us to another level on weekend adventures.
The incredible Marvel and Hyundai colab reaches new heights and blends two almost mutually exclusive worlds like never before.

The stunning design reaches new heights with a matte metallic grey body with gorgeous accents of the deep “Iron Man” red. These two colours are blended to showcase the original design of the Ironman suit, and the newer reincarnations. Subtle features are strategically placed across the vehicle to pay homage to the super hero character. Including Iron Man ‘eye inspired’ headlights, an “Iron Man” engraving on the boot panel, an Iron Man emblem, Tony Stark’s signature on the dash, an Iron Man graphical user interface, a HUD welcome animation on the head-up display, an “Ark Reactor” emblem on the gear stick and the signature Iron Man head logo across various parts of the car.

The full functionality and drive of the Hyundai Kona shines through still, as the stunning aesthetic features do not interrupt the technology and design of the Kona. You can still except that the Iron Man Kona will deliver the Hyundai standards, only in a stunning and rare body.

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