Subscribe, Drive and Save

January, 2022

What is car subscription?

Car subscription is a flexible alternative to owning a vehicle and can be ideal for customers who need a car, but aren’t in a position to purchase one. This can be due to financial reasons, being new to the country or only being here temporarily.

How does car subscription work?

With vehicle subscription, the customer gets the long-term use of a car that comes provided with insurance, registration, servicing and 24/7 roadside assistance. The vehicle remains in the name of the subscription company and ownership is not transferred at any time under the arrangement.

Unlike renting, subscription is generally better for customers who need a car for several months or more as it often works out to be much more economical. Customers get that ‘new car feeling’ and feel like the vehicle is their own, but if their needs change they can swap the car for something else, usually after a minimum period of time.

Why choose Switchcars?

One of Perth’s leading car subscription services is SwitchCars. They offer either a brand-new vehicle off the John Hughes dealership floor, or a near new vehicle which has low kms and is in great condition. They have a range of vehicles to choose from, starting with compact city hatchbacks such as the popular MG3, through to passenger cars such as the Kia Cerato and Hyundai i30 and SUVs like the Hyundai Tucson and Mitsubishi Outlander. They charge a flat weekly fee which starts at $159/week for an MG3 on their Saver Plan. Being part of the John Hughes network, customers receive excellent service and SwitchCars has a 5-star Google rating as a result.