Staying Safe on the Roads this Winter

July, 2019

With the wet weather well and truly here, it is vital to ensure you stay safe on the roads by looking after your car and adjusting the way you drive.

Here are some simple and easy tips to remember

  • Maintain your distance – stay a safe distance away from the vehicle in front. Many accidents happen in winter as it takes longer to stop in the rain.
  • Turn on vehicle headlights in heavy rain and fog to increase your visibility to other drivers.
  • Slow down – when conditions are less than ideal, the first thing you should always do is slow down to significantly decrease the chances of losing control. It also gives you more time to respond to hazards.
  • Chilly weather can affect the health of your car battery. To avoid being stranded with a flat car battery, park your car in a garage or undercover to keep it out of the cold. Avoid parking on the lawn as condensation can collect on the engine and ignition parts, leading to battery leakage.
  • Check the condition of your tyres. During the colder months, tyre pressure decreases. Driving with low tyre pressure affects your driving, so be sure to drive at the correct specified pressure at all times. Having bald tyres can also make it difficult to stop quickly when you need to apply your brakes firmly and may even cause your car to spin out of control on a wet road. Check the wear indicator bars moulded into your tyre tread.
  • Overall check-up – it is always recommended to take your car for a basic health-check up when seasons change to ensure it continues to run smoothly and avoid potential mishaps later.
  • Let us check your car for you - John Hughes are offering a comprehensive Winter Service Health Check which includes essential items such as a check-up of your engine, battery, tyres, lights and windscreen wipers plus a free wash and vacuum. To book your service please visit our service page.