5 Crucial Things to Consider When Buying a Car

August, 2019

A brand new car can be one of the most exciting items you’ll buy and something to look forward to. Besides a new house, it is possibly the most significant purchase you’ll make and something that will give you many years of satisfaction. With all of the information available online it’s never been easier to research your options, however the volume of factors to consider can make the process a little daunting.

Here are our key tips to make your car-buying process as easy and stress-free as possible:

  1. Work out what you want – consider how the vehicle will be used and what key features it will need. Is it just for city driving or will you be taking it on long road-trips? Do you need room for the kids and dog? Who in the family will be the main driver of the car? Don’t forget to consider how your wants and needs may change in the future and take a long-term view.
  2. Have an open mind – don’t limit yourself to the first vehicle you find. Have a look around, see what other models are available and consider what else may suit your needs. We often find clients come in looking for one type of car but end up settling on another. Have a chat with our team and we can help point out some models of cars that fit your requirements.
  3. Consider the warranty – It’s always good if you can get a factory warranty, obviously the longer the better and we are selling new cars such as MGs and Kia’s with warranties of up to 7 years. Warranties are also available for most of the used cars we sell, giving you peace mind for any unexpected issues.
  4. Test drive – many cars look great on the outside, but it’s what is on the inside that counts. Make sure you feel comfortable driving the car, things like the noise of the engine and how easy it is to see out of the windows. Remember, if you’re going from one type of car to another which is quite different, this step is even more important.
  5. Don’t forget your current car – you may be able to trade in your current vehicle to put towards the price of a new one which will make it even more affordable. If you bring it in to the John Hughes we can get it valued on the spot so you can make an informed decision about your new car. We pay very well for good used vehicles so why not avoid the hassle of trying to sell it privately.

One of our friendly staff can assist you with finding your perfect car. Phone us on 9415 0000 to chat with us today.