2019 Hyundai Electric Kona: Everything You Need to Know

2019 Hyundai Electric Kona: Everything You Need to Know banner

2019 Hyundai Electric Kona: Everything You Need to Know

If you have never imagined yourself driving an electric car because you want to save yourself from all the fuss you’d probably encounter on a daily basis (like computing and worrying about the route that the automatic navigation system decides whether or not it can bring you to your destination), then read on.

If you think electric cars are good only as the battery lasts, then you might be surprised of the advancements that Hyundai product development has in store for you. The famous and talked about latest EV –The 2019 Hyundai Electric Kona might change your mind and wipe away all your doubts!

This sub-compact electric SUV is so futuristic and versatile that you would surely want to be behind its wheel as soon as you finish reading this article. Did I also mention that it won Best EV for the 2019 Edmunds Editors' Choice Awards? Well, here are more of the things that you need to know about the famed Electric Kona - from its cutting edge aesthetics down to its unmatched range and performance.

Hyundai Electric Kona’s Outstanding Features

Before we explore what’s inside, let’s appreciate Electric Kona’s beauty on the outside.

Exceptional grille design

It has a dimpled closed-off front grille feature that gives it an elegant textured look. Moreover, this unique factor also means that there is no need for heavy powertrain cooling. It also boasts of its dynamic grille shutters that actively adjust to different driving conditions for an improved aerodynamics.

LED tail lights and headlights accompanied with active cornering lights

It features a twin headlight design with cornering lights to aid you as you motion the steering wheel.

Exclusive 17” alloy wheels

These wheels are designed for enhanced aerodynamics.

After the exterior, let’s explore the inside of the cabin and see what’s in store for you.

Heated Steering Wheel and Front Seats

This is an added feature to keep the driver and front passenger warm during a road trip on cold winter days.

Proximity Key and push-button start

Hyundai takes convenience and style to greater heights by offering the proximity key feature which allows you to lock or unlock your Kona by bringing the key near the vehicle and start it with just a press of a button.

Innovative touch-screen display

Easily stream your favourite playlist from your phone, communicate with friends or family, or effortlessly park using only your 7.0” screen that projects real time video captured by the rear camera. Its not hard to see why the Hyundai driving experience is one that feels so smooth, its all the right parts of driving that make sense to have in your vehicle entertainment hub.

Ventilated Front Seats

On days when it’s warm, travel with comfort and enjoy the ventilated seats to help you in cooling down.

Infinity® Audio System

It’s incorporated with Infinity® audio system that has an external amplifier and as well as 8 speakers that are cleverly positioned inside to ensure that you enjoy a superior surround sound experience.

Power Driver’s Seat designed with Lumbar Support

Its deliberately designed 8-way power driver’s seat with 2-way lumbar support feature allows you to drive with utmost ease and preference.

Automatic Climate Control

Travel without worries and set your cabin’s temperature to your liking.

Cargo Flexibility

Enjoy a wider cargo space for all your things. Rear seats can also be folded!

How Does It Perform?

Now that we’ve laid down all its extraordinary interior and exterior features, let’s check out what brought this electric vehicle to the spotlight.

Unbeatable driving range on a single charge

You’ve just met the one that defeated the Chevy Bolt EV in terms of range. The Hyundai Electric Kona lets you travel anxiety-free with a 415km driving range when fully charged. Also, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hour in just 7.6 seconds. By operating the mounted paddles on the steering wheel, you have the power to regulate the level of regenerative braking.

Charge Up Conveniently

The port is strategically placed in the front grille making it easy for you to recharge be it at home, at work, or on the go. Also, its battery can be recharged up to 80% in no more than an hour.

Drive Mode Select

This feature allows you to adjust the overall powertrain response and steering feel to equal your style of driving. You can select from Comfort, Eco, Eco+, or Sport mode. Just choose whatever mode you are up to.

Hill-start Assist Control

Gone are the days when you nervously take a steep hill and worry about your car sliding off backwards. Hill-start assist feature identifies inclines and helps in preventing the electric Kona to rolling back.

Multi-link rear suspension

To give you an improved driving experience, the Kona brings with it a refined multi-link rear suspension. It is intelligently designed for comfort, agility, and stability for enhanced handling.

Battery Temperature Management

With the help of technology advances, Battery Temperature Management feature helps guarantee that the battery performance does not suffer when temperature is low. It will automatically pre-warm the battery when the car is connected to a charging station in order to maximize performance.

Heat Pump System

This is one of the features that make the Kona distinct from its rivals. When driving through the cold weather, the heat pump system aids in reducing the loss of electric driving range by absorbing the external heat energy and converts it into cabin heat. Thus, it will require lesser energy usage by the HVAC system. That’s the result when you utilize technology to enhance efficiency.

Safety Features

It is inevitable for the Kona to be packed with a bunch of safety features. Listed here are the advanced safety technologies that you can expect from Electric Kona.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with Pedestrian Detection

If your senses fail you, Kona won’t. By the use of the radar sensor and front-mounted camera, the FCA assist can monitor the traffic ahead. If the sensor is triggered or if it detects a potential collision whether it is a pedestrian or another vehicle require the FCA will automatically slow the vehicle or even make it stop.

Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist

If you ever try to drift out of your lane without signalling, this standard system will alert you with visible and audible cues. Now if you purposely take no action in response to the alarm, then the Lane Keeping Assist will administer corrective steering assistance so you can remain on your lane.

Driver Attention Warning

Whether you admit it or you are just in denial, Kona will know if you’re too tired to drive. Equipped with the Driver Attention Warning, an audible alarm and pop-up note will alert the driver if it identifies a pattern of fatigue or distraction. Impressive, isn’t it?

Blind Spot Collision Warning

This warning system will inform you if there’s a vehicle within your blind spot. Now that’s probably being offered in other cars, too but for Kona, there’s more. Its innovative system can also sense the speed of the vehicle in the adjacent lane, and if it’s approaching quicker than you can safely make a lane change, you will be prompted with an alarm.

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision Warning

This feature gets activated only during reverse driving. The Rear Cross-Traffic Collision system uses radar to notify the drivers of vehicles from either side even before they come into perspective of the rear camera.

Parking Distance Warning – Reverse or Front

In order to ensure smooth and safe parking, this system will send audible warnings should there be obstacles or objects behind or in front of you.

High Beam Assist

Do not blind other drivers! With the help of the front camera, traffic and lighting conditions can be monitored. The High Beam Assist feature automatically turns the high beams on or off.

Superstructure ™

Hyundai takes pride in their exclusive and advanced High-Strength Steel which they’ve designed to be sturdier, firmer, and a lot lighter than any conventional steel. If ever there is inadvertent collision, the Superstructure ™ absorbs the harmful energy and redirects it away from the passenger compartment.

State-of-the-art Technology

Head-up Display

This helps you concentrate on the road while it projects significant information like speed and navigation commands within your line of sight.

Rain Sensing Windshield Wipers

If it senses droplets on the windshield, the wipers will instantly be turned on. Aside from that, it can also change the wiper’s speed depending on the amount of rain detected. And if it can turn on automatically, it could also turn itself off once there are no longer drops that are detected. Well, don’t sweat the small stuff and just let your Kona do the work for you.

Wireless Charging Pad

The sight of messy and tangling cables is really an eyesore. This feature helps you get rid of that.

Summary In A Nutshell

Knowing all the characteristics it has, there’s no wonder why the Hyundai Electric Kona earned and won awards. It may be sub-compact but packed with commendable features that you’ll never expect from an electric vehicle. Its unrivalled range is surprising, even! Knowing and being confident that you can arrive in your destination without thinking of your next recharge, you can have the freedom to enjoy your journey.

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