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All-new Sportage

The beast is coming.

All-new Kia Sportage


All-new Sportage

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All-new Sportage - white

SUVs, meet your master.

Absolute dominance: the all new Sportage doesn’t even have to move to set itself apart. Fusing a long, extremely athletic body with an unstoppable attitude, the redesigned Sportage is the new benchmark in medium luxury SUV – visionary technology, distinctive design language, class-leading space, and a powerful driving experience in one.

Sportage comingsoon interior
Sportage exterior1
Commanding confidence.

The luxuriously crafted interior cabin fuses breakthrough technology with premium materials, designed for the perfect union of convenience, comfort and contemporary styling.

Sportage interior1
Spacious Grandeur.

Sportage ascending to new heights of spacious comfort with maximised boot space and greater room for every passenger. Don’t be surprised if no one wants to call shotgun anymore.

Sportage interior2
Intuitive control.

The dial type gear shift seamlessly integrates into the centre console, so that changing gears is as instinctive as turning a dial.