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Based on the Reinvented i30, the i30 N has been redesigned from the ground up to make driving fun again. Every drive. Every time.

Performance figures and lap times matter, but there’s so much more to a great car than numbers alone. Sharp, involving, playful and engaging. Experience the i30 N for yourself at John Hughes Hyundai – The Home of Hyundai.

Nth Degree Performance

The i30 N is powered by a newly developed 2.0T-GDi turbocharged engine. The direct injection engine is highly responsive with a rich torque curve supported by an over boost function that temporarily increases torque by 8%.  Available two states of tune – a standard tune with 184 kW, as well as a Performance Package with maximum power of 202 kW. Both versions deliver a maximum torque of 353 Nm, the Performance Package offering peak torque over a broader rev range.

Active Variable Exhaust System

The variable exhaust valve fitted to i30 N Performance lets you select different levels of exhaust sound – relatively restrained in Normal mode, to the crackling “after-burn” growl in N mode with added fuel detonations, like a rally car during fast upshifts.

Electronic Limited Slip Differential (E-LSD)

The electronically-controlled mechanical limited slip differential (E-LSD) distributes torque intelligently between the two front wheels reducing wheel slip and minimising understeer in corners depending on driver inputs, as well as the 2 selectable E-LSD modes (Normal and Sport).

Electronically Controlled Suspension

The i30 N’s Electronically Controlled Suspension features 3 selectable suspension modes (Normal, Sport, and Sport+), allowing you to control the stiffness of the suspension and the dynamic response of the vehicle. The system also continually adjusts the damping force depending on road conditions, combining ride comfort with driver engagement.

Rev Matching

Rev-matching automatically blips the throttle to match revs and gears perfectly on downshifts, giving you fast, smooth downshifts. Hit the steering wheel button to switch it on, or leave it off if you enjoy the art of executing the perfect heel-toe downshift.

How Does It Compare?

UK motoring magazine EVO have their say on the i30 N. "The i30 N represents a lot of car for the money, especially as it’s fundamentally so sharp to drive. Next to other hot hatches that are similarly priced, like the a Golf GTI and Ford Focus RS, it’s a much more committed effort."

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