GAP Insurance

When Insurance Doesn't Cover Everything

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Avoid Financial Stress

Avoid having to pay off a car loan for a car that you no longer own.

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Extra Benefits

The policy also covers on road costs and comprehensive insurance of your replacement vehicle together with up to $1,000 for private expenses.

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Pay Out Your Loan

Subject to your policy limits, we will pay the balance of your car loan directly to the financier saving you time and stress.

What is GAP Insurance?

If your car is written off in an accident or stolen and not recovered, the insured value of your car may be considerably less than the amount sill owing on your loan. In these circumstances your insurance payout won’t pay off your loan and you’re left with a debt and no car.

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance covers this difference (subject to policy limits) allowing you to purchase another vehicle with no shortfall.
Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement from the Product Issuer to ensure the chosen cover is right for you.

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