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Stay Cool & Protect Your Car

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Stay Cool

Reduce the heat inside your car by more than 50%. You and your passengers will be more comfortable, and you'll prevent early deterioration of your car's interior.

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UV Protection

Avoid sun damage to yourself, your passengers and your car interior by blocking out 98% of Australia's harsh UV rays.

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Look Cool

Every car looks better with tinted windows. Compliment the look of your car with a top quality tint.

Four Grades Of Window Tint

Ultra Plus 35 Window Tint

The darkest legal window tint. Reduces heat by 56%, glare by 60%, and harmful UV rays by 98%. Scratch resistant, perfect fit, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Privacy Tint

For the ultimate in privacy & interior protection and for the coolest car, tint all glass behind the front seats with ultra dark privacy tint.

Security Tint

Strengthens your windows and protects against break-ins and accident damage. Security Tint provides a thicker layer of tint to prevent your glass from shattering.

Clear UV Protection

Do you want UV protection but your car already has smoked glass or you don't want to darken your windows? Protect yourself, your passengers and your car from the sun's harmful UV rays with our Ultra Plus Clear UV protection film.

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