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Your best alternative to air conditioning in your car

January, 2015

Beating the heat doesn’t have to be costly or unnecessarily luxurious. Air conditioning is great, but if your petrol reserves are looking low, or you prefer a model that doesn’t happen to have air conditioning standard, you’ll be glad to know you’ve got alternative options.

Sunroofs and Moonroofs

The most obvious solutions are those inherent to the type of car you have. One of the best possible modifications is the sunroof. A much better alternative to simply winding down your windows and inviting the potentially uncomfortable slipstream in, sunroofs brighten your car during the day, add style to your car and provide a natural way to cool off. Mostly everyone uses the terms sunroof and moon roof interchangeably, and technically, a moon roof is a type of sunroof, typical in the majority of new cars available. A moon roof is usually longer, and lets more light into your car. Although cars fitted with either a sunroof or moon roof tend to be a bit pricier than other varieties, they have better resale value.



Why not take it one step further with a convertible? Pulling the top down is a surefire way to cool your car down quick smart, however remember that the more you ride in a convertible, the more you need to protect yourself, especially when it’s warmer. Sunglasses and sunscreen should be applied liberally, as well as any form of lip protection too, like zinc or balm. Remember, black and darker shades of clothing conduct the heat at greater efficiency. The ensuing slipstream can be loud, so consider wearing earplugs or other forms of hearing protection, ensuring you can still hear the pertinent sounds in your immediate environment.


Soft or Hard Tops?

Convertibles typically come in two varieties, hard-top and soft-top, hard-tops being more versatile in varying weather conditions, whereas soft-tops are lighter and less pricier, though tend to be more susceptible to crime and less efficient at noise reduction on the open road.


All in all, the best alternative to air conditioning in terms of car design may be the moon roof. If you love convertibles, as most of those who purchase them do, they are great for reducing heat, not to mention the lifestyle that goes along with it. If you’re not willing to concede on some of the typical limitations of the convertible – small space, decreased safety, increased repair costs and higher insurance mediums – it may prove more prudent to select a car with existing moon roof or sunroof capabilities.


We have a large selection of quality used cars with features such as moonroofs, air conditioning and even dual zone climate control. Stop by for your ultimate selection of cool options.


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