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‘Women on Wheels – why it’s so important for gals to know their stuff when if comes to cars

July, 2011

‘Women on Wheels’ – why it’s so important for gals to know their stuff when it comes to cars

Hands up if this scene sounds familiar: A meek damsel in distress, pouting over her steaming car engine on the side of the road, back of her palm pressed to her forehead, breathlessly asking for a mechanic/random passer-by to pretty-please fix her poor car… Yep. Unfortunately it’s a tired old stereotype that we’ve all seen far too many times in movies and TV shows.

For many women, a car is a significant part of their lives. Even if you’re not “into” cars, it’s important for women to equip themselves with some common and basic knowledge about their vehicle. Here’s how even just a little car expertise can make a huge impact on your life on the road.


You’ll get a better deal when buying – Have some car knowledge will help you choose a better car, whether you’re buying new or second hand. If you’re buying second hand from a private seller, you’ll be better able to recognise any major problems a car may have, deal with any jargon the seller tries to throw at you, and ultimately avoid ending up with a lemon of a car. Sure, it’s fine to enlist the help of your car-obsessed brother, dad or boyfriend, but it’s much better if you know what’s going on too.


You’ll save yourself the hassle of seeing a mechanic – By learning important car maintenance tips and tricks which you can implement yourself, you won’t have to rush to the mechanic every time the ‘check engine’ light pops on. Keeping your car well-maintained overall will also help you avoid problems with it in the long run.


You’ll avoid emergencies – Changing a tyre may be something that you never have to do, but if and when it does happen, we guarantee it will be at the worst possible moment. If the worst happens and you’re out on a long drive, changing a tire is the bare essential car skill everyone should have. Many car dealerships (including John Hughes!) are now offering evenings specifically for women to come in and learn how to do things like change a tire, check the oil, and plenty of other car related odds and ends.


It’s great to see that more and more websites and blogs are popping up which are targeted at giving women all-important information on cars, how they work, buying tips, as well as car maintenance tips you can use yourself.  If you already consider yourself quite car-savvy, you’ll be able to attest the importance of empowering yourself with some good car knowledge. These days, there’s no excuse for women not to learn a bit of essential info, and avoid that cringe-worthy damsel in distress stereotype.


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