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Where to take your car to get away from the heat

January, 2015

When the fans just don’t cut it anymore, or that summer breeze goes missing, here are a few ideas to get you into your car and out of the house to cool off.

The beach can be the most obvious choice depending on where you live. If you’re feeling adventurous you could even plan some beach driving and make a day or weekend out of it. For those not after getting sandy or salty, a simple drive to the coast is a great way of cooling down. Open the windows hit the road and let the cool ocean breeze take that menacing heat away.\

Of course,anything water-related is good – your local pool, local creek or swimming hole. If you have a 4X4, driving to a natural water hole is a great day trip for the family. Or it if you’d prefer to stay on-road, why not try a park like Outback Splash.

If the beach is out of the geographical question, or if you just don’t like it that much, find the nearest building with air conditioning. Better yet, find the nearest building with air conditioning and an extensive variety of overpriced soft drinks and chocolate. Or better yet, find the nearest building with all those things, plus a comfy chair to sit and watch the latest summer blockbuster.

Try to remain within the reach of industrial air-conditioning as you peruse your nearest shopping centre. Make sure that you find undercover parking so your car isn’t scorching upon return!

Why not escape the heat in the comfort of your local library and a good book? It’s free, and most libraries have activities for children during the holidays.

Museums are an excellent alternative. The Western Australian Museum is open all week, 9.30 to 5, with long-term exhibitions featuring marine life, dinosaurs and butterflies. The Western Australian Museum has branches in Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Albany, as well as the Maritime Museum in Fremantle.


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