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What is ANCAP?

October, 2013

The Australasian New Car Assessment Program, and what those 5 little stars mean for your next new car purchase.

You’ve probably heard phrases like “5 star safety rating” and “ANCAP approved” thrown around – what exactly do they mean in Australia? To put it simply, The Australasian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) is the gold standard in Australian vehicle safety rating, so you’ll want to pay attention to those 5 stars next time you’re in the market for a new car. Here, we’ll take a look at what they do, and how they can help you make that tough decision.

What they do

First things first – ANCAP are independent. That means you don’t have to worry about results being skewed according to any external parties interests. ANCAP conduct crash testing on new cars about to hit the market. Using dummies, the ratings compare force asserted onto various areas of the dummy (chest, thighs etc.)  They claim “occupants have twice the chance of being killed or seriously injured in an ANCAP 1 star rated vehicle compared to an ANCAP 5 star rated vehicle.”

5 star rated cars for sale

To make things extra easy for you we’ve put together a list of a few of our latest 5 star safety rated cars for sale. These vehicles are the best of the best when it comes to safety according to ANCAP.

Kia Cerato with an overall score of 35.51 out of 37

Ford Fiesta with an overall score of 34.44 out of 37

Volkswagen Golf with an overall score of 35.92 out of 37

Volkswagen Beetle with an overall score of 35.28 out of 37

Ford Kuga with an overall score of 36.33 out of 37

Mitsubishi Mirage with an overall score of 34.07 out of 37

Mitsubishi Lancer with an overall score of 33.56 out of 37

Mitsubishi Outlander with an overall score of 35.58 out of 37

Hyundai Santa Fe with an overall score of 35.63 out of 37

Kia Sorento with an overall score of 33.21 out of 37

Kia Picanto with an overall score of 34.26 out of 37

Volkswagen up! with an overall score of 33.37 out of 37

If you tuned in for our previous post on attention behind the wheel, you’ll know just how important it is to keep your eyes and mind on the road – but when all else fails, it’s better to be safe than sorry and purchasing a 3, 4 or 5-star safety rated car is a great start. Next time you’re looking to buy a new car, you’ll know exactly what to look for.

Do you pay attention to the ANCAP safety rating when shopping for a new car?

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