Western Australia’s Electric Vehicle Strategy

June, 2022

The Western Australian government has announced its electric vehicle strategy to help prepare for the transition to low and zero-emission electric and hybrid vehicles.

Let’s break down where the $60 million package is going to be distributed.


To increase local uptake of electric vehicles, the government will provide a $3,500 rebate from the 10th of May, to the next 10,000 purchasers of electric and hydrogen vehicles that are priced below $70,000.

The $3,500 rebate will help make electric vehicles more affordable for more motorists, so if you have been thinking about purchasing an EV, now is a great time to buy! Here is a list of options available from John Hughes that fall under $70,000.


MG ZS EV from $46,990 DA

Hyundai IONIQ Electric from $55,631 DA

Hyundai Kona EV from $60,455 DA

Kira Niro EV from $67,490 DA

Kia EV6 from $67,990 plus on-road costs


Kira Niro Hybrid from $41,990 DA

MG HS Plus EV from $47,690 DA

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV


The government receives 44.2 cents per litre of petrol or diesel from motorists through the fuel excise. This federal government tax helps to develop and maintain our transport infrastructure such as roads. Electric vehicle motorists are not currently paying fuel excise, however from 2027 electric vehicle owners will be charged 2.5 cents per kilometre, and hybrid vehicle owners 2.0 cents per kilometre, to make up for fuel excise losses.

How much could you be paying in road taxes? If you drive 15,000km per year on average, you can expect to pay $375 (EV) or $300 (Hybrid). If you drive 25,000km on average then you can expect to be paying $625 (EV) or $500 (Hybrid).


Western Australia is a vast state so significant infrastructure will be required to give motorists confidence in being able to travel down south or road trip up north in an electric vehicle.

The WA government will create the world’s longest electric vehicle highway by installing charging stations at 45 locations across the state to create a 5,194km fast-charging network. The network will stretch from Kununurra, down the coast past Esperance, all the way to Eucla. Works are expected to be completed by January 2024.

Another $22.6 million will be allocated to charging facilities at Perth train stations, government offices, hospitals, schools, sports facilities, and more.

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