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We went “topless” 4×4 driving last weekend – see the photos and round up from the day!

May, 2012

Last weekend, we held the first inaugural WA Go Topless Jeep Day right here at John Hughes Jeep in Perth – and what a success it was!

The event was held as part of the 5th Annual Worldwide Jeep Go Topless Day, and it was so exciting and uplifting to see so many people coming together to celebrate their shared love of the famous 4×4 vehicle. Not to mention the fact that seeing so many Jeeps parked around the John Hughes Dealership (even more than usual, that is!) was truly a sight to behold.

The John Hughes Jeep dealership ready for the day ahead


Bonding over mutual Jeep appreciation

Before the big event, everyone seemed to have put a huge effort into preparing their Jeeps – washing, waxing, cleaning and general sprucing up. As everyone gathered around the dealership in the morning, all the guests enjoying a coffee and muffin while rekindling friendships and meeting other likeminded Jeep owners.

There was also plenty of time for a walk around the showroom to browse the current models and second hand vehicles for sale for those who wanted to get in on the action by owning their own little piece of Jeep!

The crowds gathered at John Hughes Jeep in preparation for the drive


A Jeep convoy to behold – The sunny drive begins

The convoy left after a quick couple of words from the organisers at 10.30 am, with the sun shining away, and the temperature at a comfortable 22 degrees. We all took to the roads to the Township of York, and the overall tally was 50 Jeeps on the drive with a few joining us at York and over 110 people of all age groups!

“The convoy as far as an eye could see it was all Jeeps!” remarked a few bystanders. The two-hour trip was perfect as we drove and took in the sights this trip had to offer (we’re sure it was a record for the longest convoy of jeeps in WA history!)

The Jeep convoy in action!


On arrival at York, the snake like procession of Jeeps rolled through to the Avon Pioneer Park nestled along the Avon River, a picturesque setting complete with a car park with 40+ parking spots all lined with topless shiny Jeeps in a row. The afternoon entailed a picnic lunch on the lawns under the shade of the park trees with some of the group spending their time in the streets of the town trying the local cuisine.

The topless Jeeps all in a row

John Hughes Jeep "Topless Day"

The picnic lunch after the drive


Special thanks

Thanks to the sponsors, John Hughes CJD, SBR Offroad, Blackjack Welding and the Joondalup Jeep Store, we gave away prizes for the three best (show and shine) models of Jeep, Best JK, Best TJ and Best Other Jeep, along with the raffle prizes we collected $400 for the Cancer Society.

Overall, the Jeep Go Topless Day Drive was a fun-filled day of celebrating Jeep love, Jeep spirit, and the sense of fun and adventure that comes with owning a Jeep.

We now look forward to seeing you all at Jeep Topless Day WA 2013!

What kind of car events would you like to see held in the future?

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