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The importance of having your car windows tinted

August, 2018



When we spend time in our car that has not been treated with a window tint, we are exposed to UV radiation. By law, front windshields are treated to filter out most UVA, but side and rear windows generally aren’t. A lot of people are not aware of the harmful effects caused by UV radiation while they are in the car and they don’t know that having their car windows tinted could prevent skin cancer and other skin complications.


Skin Cancer (non-melanoma and melanoma) is one of the most common form of cancers in Australia. Melanoma is the most life threatening form of skin cancer and its risk increases with exposure to UV radiation, particularly with episodes of sunburn.


*1,905 is the estimated number of deaths in Australia from melanoma skin cancer in 2018.

*Data sourced from Cancer Australia

Prevention is the best cure

By applying sunscreen you are minimising sun exposure when the sunsmart UV alert exceeds three and especially between the hours of 10am and 3pm when UV levels reach their peak so you should seek shade, wear a hat that covers your head, neck and ears, wear sun protective clothing, sunglasses and apply a SPF Plus sunscreen.


Here is what happens if you DON’T have your car windows tinted


  • You are exposed to harmful UV rays while in the car thus you are more prone to skin cancer and skin complications.


  • Vehicle upholstery and interior fittings are more prone to fading and cracking in cars that have not been treated with a window tint.


  • In summer, a car that doesn’t have a window tint protection can quickly turn into an oven if exposed to sunlight.


Here is what happens if you DO have your car windows tinted


Window tinting applied to a vehicle compliments and enhances the overall look of the vehicle. Having your car treated with window tint will:


  • Help reduce skin damage caused by ultraviolet and infrared light. This is critical when young children and babies are passengers.
  • Improve efficiency of the vehicle’s air conditioning.
  • Limit the amount of “flying” glass from windows shattered as a result of an accident
  • Reduce the fading and cracking of the vehicles upholstery and interior fittings


Perhaps the most important advantage that you can get when you decide to have your window tinted is the safety that it has to offer. In case of accidents, the window tint’s film will keep the majority of shattered glasses from flying around and potentially showering you and the passengers with them. Quality tinting film is durable enough to hold all of your glass together no matter how bad the accident and adding this extra safety measure can help avoid injuries.


Another safety feature that comes with tinted windows is that they are able to keep expensive items such as sound systems, GPS units, tools and other valuables inside from being seen easily from the outside. Would-be thieves won’t be able to ascertain the value of what they can get inside because they will have a hard time. Window tint is an effective way to keep your items safe and will give you that added comfort knowing that they are.


Finally, having your windows tinted can really help reduce the UVA and UVB rays that can get into your vehicle. These rays are the reason why many vehicle interiors are fading and cause harm to the skin of individuals inside. So besides helping keep your car looking nice and new, tinted windows can also keep your skin safe from harm.


Ultra Plus 35 Window Tint only installs premium films manufactured by ASWF in Nevada USA. This ensures that you and your vehicle have the ultimate in window tint protection.


Benefits of having Ultra Plus 35 Window Tint:


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reduced 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Up to 50% heat reduction
  • Reduces glare by over 60%
  • 11% Visible light reflected
  • Reduces fading of upholstery
  • Reduces load on air conditioner
  • Strengthen glass
  • Scratch resistant coating

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