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The Ford Mustang 427R Roush

October, 2012

If you had to sum a Ford Mustang up in a sentence, you could say something like the following: “It’s a coming together of style, class and power in car designed to evoke emotion – Pure emotion only the purr of a Ford Mustang can evoke.” If you had to sum up the Ford Mustang 427R in one word, that word would have to be: “Muscle!” That’s because the 427R pumps out a whopping 427 kilowatts of power, as well as a string of extra special features to boot.


The Mustang Roush Edition                                                       httpv://

This Mustang is not your stock standard Mustang. It’s a Roush Edition, which has bigger wheels (chrome of course), a full aerodynamic body kit and better suspension.

The 427R Roush Edition also comes with a Roush charged 4.6L powertrain, a Roush charger intake manifold, intercooler and radiator, plus air induction, a Roush calibrated ECM and a high performance exhaust, all added for more power and better performance.

To enhance the vehicle’s road presence, it also has a four-piece aero kit, lower valance fog lamps, fender badges, deck lid emblem, Roush front window banner, a Roush billet aluminium shift handle, Roush billet aluminium pedals, Roush enhanced interior and a Mustang white face gauge Cluster. Getting excited yet?


Plenty of muscle, without scrimping on comfort

With all these flashy, high-performance features, the Ford Mustang 427R still has all the interior features you need to keep you comfortable as well, such as electric windows, power steering and air-conditioning. It’s rare to find a car that will truly teleport you to a place where nothing else matters, not even getting to your destination. The only thing you’ll think about while driving this car?


The drive itself!


To experience the Mustang or find a car as unique as you, get into John Hughes Prestige.


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