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Second Hand Alfa Romeos – Quality at Low Cost

May, 2015

Some car manufacturers just ooze charm, and as anyone who has ever owned an Alfa Romeo will know well, this Italian badge is the epitome of such a privilege. Sure, there are more affordable small cars that pack in as many bells and whistles as possible, but you won’t find a car brand that makes you feel as much as an Alfista.

A recent revision of prices across the board for Alfa’s as part of their in-house distribution set up as Fiat-Chrysler Australia (which also includes the distribution of Jeep and Dodge) saw the Mito and Giulietta become more competitive in the ever-expanding luxury hatch and super-mini market than in previous years. The niche interest Italian cars that had once stood at the high price point end of the spectrum alongside Mini, were now going head to head with models in multiple subcategories – from the A Class to the A1, the Golf to the 308, and the C30 to the Megane  – the Alfa Romeos became serious options for all discerning premium buyers.

You could be thinking that unless you’re a young urban professional a European luxury sports car like an Alfa Romeo is a little out of your price range – but you’re in fact very, very wrong.

If you do not want to purchase fresh off the showroom floor and have your car customised to your specific needs, a used Alfa Romeo represents some of the best value in the premium car field. The aforementioned price reduction in new cars has had a trickle down effect on second hand Mitos, Giuliettas, 159s and Spyders and as a result you can commonly find options like leather seats, sky roofs, sports trim (Veloce or Quadrifoglio) and climate control at affordable prices. In essence, your dollar should go further in this segment in the current market if you buy an Alfa Romeo.

This is great news for fast car enthusiasts. Being a sports brand at its heart and soul, we know Alfas drive well with a focus on everyday sports performance. The present generation models have their renowned DNA system (dynamic, normal and all weather) driving modes, whilst features like automatic wipers, rear parking sensors, automatic lights and infotainment systems will vary from model to model. In other words, with every model you never know exactly which set of add-ons you’re going to get.

This lucky dip of features is really where you can pick up a bargain. You don’t know exactly how specced up a second hand car for sale is until you sit in it and take it for a test drive. That’s why it’s important to visit our showroom and search online regularly for the latest updates to our Alfa Romeo fleet.

Luxury European sports performance at great prices via John Hughes Auto. Now that’s charm!

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