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Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art

October, 2014

Have you ever walked out into the car park of your local supermarket and seen a car so incredibly dusty that you felt it would be a crime not to write something on the windshield? You know, just a word to the wise that their whip needs a cleaning…

Generally speaking, if you don’t, someone else will take advantage of the blank canvas at hand and often write something pretty daft like ‘clean me’, ‘wash me’, or draw some kind of smiley face. That’s all cheeky, well and good, but American ‘Dirty Car Artist’ Scott Wade has taken this kind of automotive dust drawing to a whole new level.

Born in 1959, Scott Wade lived on a long dirt road in Colorado Springs, Co., USA for over 20 years (which explains the dust, right?). He grew up spending many hours in his childhood creating pieces of art in the windshields of dirty cars, eventually developing his own detailed and shaded style.

His father, a history teacher and amateur cartoonist who would make colouring books for the local children at Christmas, influenced his style, and from an early age teachers praised Scott’s work, including principals who hung several drawings in their offices.

Whilst it seems unlikely that when asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’, he’d have replied ‘I’d like to be famous the world over for drawing in dirt’, it does seems to be the way that things have panned out.

The ‘Dirty Car Artist: Scott Wade’ Facebook page lists his services for corporate events, PR, advertising and festivals for clients such as Mattel, Mazda, The Atlanta Arts Festival and Santa Clarita Festival of the Arts.

Surprisingly, the artist was originally enrolled on a partial music scholarship at Texas State University, however eventually transferred majors and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Commercial Art. He also does commissioned pieces and you can even buy his prints online. Check out his Facebook page for more great pieces of dirty car art.

Sure beats ‘clean me’!

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