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Real Or Fake? Car Paint Names Quiz

September, 2014

‘Metropolitan Grey’, ‘True Red’, and ‘Mica Black’, these are just some of the uber-boring paint options you’ll find offered on the 2014 Ford Fiesta. The car itself, well, we’ve got no complaints there, but the paint colour names…they’re more drab than question time at Parliament House.

It’s a shame that the world’s favourite hatch is coated regularly in such unsatisfyingly common colours, especially considering that in the 1970’s Ford had arguably the best naming department the world had ever seen.

‘Naming department’, that’s probably not what it was called, but even so, just have a look at some of these ripper poly-paint options from the glory years.

  • Anti-Establish Mint
  • There She Blue
  • Counter Revolutionary Red
  • Original Cinnamon

Does it get better than that? Well, we’d like to challenge your knowledge with our car paint name test. Have a look at the list of paint names below and try and figure out if they’re real or fake. Scroll carefully as answers are at the bottom of the list!

  1. Vitamin-C
  2. Unforseeable Fuicha
  3. Road Beige
  4. Plum Crazy
  5. Catch Me Copper
  6. Hulla Blue
  7. Mean Green
  8. Orangu-Tan
  9. Go Mango
  10. Statutory Grape
  11. Cha Cha Cha Azure
  12. Green Tea Latte
  13. Home On Th’Orange
  14. Three Putt Green
  15. Vanilla Ice
  16. NV Green


  1. Vitamin-C – Real, and currently available on Hyundai’s Veloster.
  2. Unforeseeable Fuicha – Fake, allegedly rejected by Chrysler executives in the 70s.
  3. Road Beige – Fake, however might be calming for those with road rage.
  4. Plum Crazy – Real, available in Dodge’s High Impact range in 1970 and 1971.
  5. Catch Me Copper – Fake, but wouldn’t that be hilarious?
  6. Hulla Blue – Real, also known as Acapulco Blue.
  7. Mean Green – Fake, although sounds like it would fit a Jeep Wrangler well.
  8. Orangu-Tan – Fake, tan leather sure, but not as a coat of paint, no thanks.
  9. Go Mango – Real, in fact, the Dodge version of Chrysler’s own ‘Vitamin-C’.
  10. Statutory Grape – Fake, reportedly coined by an auto journalist.
  11. Cha Cha Cha Azure – Real, and currently available on the pint sized Fiat 500.
  12. Green Tea Latte – Real, and currently available on the Kia Soul.
  13. Home On Th’Orange – Real, named by Moke for the Australian market available between 1973-1975.
  14. Three Putt Green – Real, named by Ford and available in 1970.
  15. Vanilla Ice – Fake, although available from Dulux for your home interior.
  16. NV Green – Real, offered by Leyland on the P76.


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