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Summer Road Trips: Preparing for the Drive

November, 2013

In our latest blog series we’re taking a look at the quintessential summer road trip in Western Australia. First up – packing, car prep tips and getting ready for the big drive.

The classic road trip holiday is all about the journey – pit stops, snack packs and I spy are all part of the ride. Summer’s long days and balmy nights are ideal for a holiday on the road – leave your overcoat at home and bring the kids along for a Western Australian road trip to remember.

Before you get behind the wheel, there are a couple of things to tick off your road-trip prep list.

What to pack on your summer road trip

Packing for a holiday is one of those annoying little tasks that most people would rather leave to the last minute. We don’t need to tell you what to pop in your suitcase, but here are some extra items you might want to bring in the car to make the drive as relaxed as possible (especially if there are kids on board or you get a flat tyre).

☐- Camera

☐- Snacks

☐- Bottled Water

☐- Maps (especially if you’ll be going off the beaten track where phone GPS reception may be variable).

☐- A Road trip playlist

☐- Toilet paper

☐- Baby wipes

☐- Basic First Aid kit

☐- Pillows and comfy clothes

☐- Laptop or portable DVD player for the youngsters

☐- Torch

☐- Tyre pressure gauge

☐- Jack

☐- Spare tyre

☐- Wrench

☐- Car towrope

Preparing your car for a road trip

Breakdowns are no fun. It’s a good idea to ensure your car is in tip top condition before you start exploring the great Western Australian outback. Whether you’ll be cruising the gravel roads in a brand new sports car or grandpa’s 1979 Ford car, here are a few extra bits and pieces to check up on before you hit the road.

☐- Have your license, insurance information and contact details for the RAC on hand.

☐- Check air conditioning

☐- Check windscreen wipers

☐- Check oil

☐- Learn to change a flat

If you haven’t already – check out our check list for preparing your car for the warmer weather.

What are your summer road trip essentials?

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