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Packing the Essentials for a Road Trip

July, 2014

A road trip takes a lot of planning and organising: you have to check that your car is in good condition, plan routes and stops and of course you have to pack! Don’t forget the basics next time you pack for a road trip.


Maps & GPS

Whether you know where you are going or not, a map or GPS will come in handy on any road trip. Before you hit the road, make sure that your map is up-to-date and that your GPS is working. Keep the map somewhere accessible in the car or set up the GPS before you drive to make sure that there are no problems along the way.



Music is an excellent way to make the drive more fun. Make sure that you pack some form of music that you can listen to while on the road. Car manufacturers know the importance of music since these days, when you buy new cars they all have built-in USB plugs for music players, however don’t forget the necessary connectors or chargers! Whether it’s an iPod, MP3 player, tapes or CDs, take along a wide variety of music so that there is something to everyone’s liking.


Mobile phone & chargers

These days you can’t go anywhere without your mobile phone—even when you go on a get-away. Make sure that at least one of your travel companions takes a working mobile phone along, since you never know when (or where) you might encounter car trouble or an emergency. Before you leave on your trip, double check that you have sufficient credit on your mobile, ensure that you have the phone’s charger and some emergency contacts saved in your phone.


Extra hints and tips

And finally, don’t forget the basics. This might include sleeping bags and pillows as well as a cooler box to keep some refreshments and snacks for when you are on the road. If you are going in a group, try to plan your packing all together before you go on your trip. Pre-planning with fellow travellers will help to avoid duplicating items that you can share and it will help keep your luggage to a minimum. Also, keep a flashlight handy and take along a first-aid kit. If you have the basics packed, you are all set to hit the road!


What do you think is essential to take on a road trip? Check out our series on the quintessential Aussie road trip!

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