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Our Top 10 Things to Prep for a Road Trip

December, 2018

We love planning, we love lists, and naturally we love driving. So let’s make a plan to plan for a road trip!

Suns out guns out right? Well the summer weather is heating up and there is no better time to cram into a car and drive of into the sunset discovering all the hidden gems around us! But first, let’s get a little prepared.


Here are our top ten things to do before you go on your road trip!


  1. Make sure you’ve packed the lollies (it’s the Allens Party Fix for us!)
  2. But seriously, make sure you have lots of water packed in.
  3. Know your route – make sure there are no road closures or cause for concern.
  4. Check your tyres are fit for the job. After all they are caring a pretty precious load.
  5. Know who to call for assistance (not mum or dad, or your mate Steve)
  6. Check your oil!
  7. Make sure all of your lights wipers and everything in between is in good working order.
  8. Have a full tank of fuel. No one looks cool waiting for someone to bring you a jerry can.
  9. Check your service due date – are you overdue? Or are you almost at the next milestone? You should never put off a service so get in touch!
  10. Have the ultimate driving playlist ready – Man I Feel Like A Woman is a must, girls trip or not!


Always remember, if ever in doubt about your car’s condition or driving ability, always talk to trained professional. Book your early bird service with John Hughes and save any unnecessary worry! Our friendly and professional service consultants can talk you through every step of a service, and provide you with any advice you may need!


Now get going and find your very own secluded beach!

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