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The never ending love affair: Our obsession with our cars

November, 2011

Why are we so passionate about cars?

It’s not a question that gets asked very often, especially in the motoring enthusiasts’ community. Instead, we’re usually asking “how passionate are you?”

From the very first motorised vehicles, humans have constantly strived to improve and develop better ways of manufacturing cars. They’re a huge part of our lives, so is it really hard to explain why we love them so much?

We’ve put together some possible explanations as to why we love cars, ranging from the simple to the somewhat more philosophical.


They make our life easier

When it’s raining, storming, boiling hot, or just impossible or extremely inconvenient to travel somewhere any other way, your car is there for you. Cars take us places that would be too far away to go otherwise. Our cars eliminates the need to carry your 25 shopping bags full of groceries home from the supermarket on the bus, and they help us quickly zip out to the drycleaners or post office if we’re in a rush.


They stimulate all our senses

We love the look of a well-designed, striking car. When we get in, we love the familiar smell. Maybe it’s that new car smell, the smell of our little air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror, or that smell which is just the smell of “our car”. When we start the motor, we love the sound of the engine revving and the car coming alive. We love the feeling of the steering wheel underneath our fingers, our driver’s seat on our back, and the feeling of our engine accelerating as we drive down the road. We love the taste of… ok, well maybe cars don’t excite our sense of taste, but there’s no doubt that cars are an all-round sensory experience designed to delight drivers and passengers.


They are a place to keep our favourite things

How many of us keep everything we love in our cars? Spare makeup, change of gym clothes, our collection of music CDs (if your trusty car doesn’t have mp3 connectivity), and the list goes on. Our cars are like our second bedroom. We keep most of our favourite possessions and gadgets in there, so whenever you need that phone number, a band-aid or a spare change of shoes, you’ll usually find what you need right in your glovebox or boot.

Cars are works of art

We love cars because we appreciate the sheer engineering brilliance involved with creating them. Centuries of research and scientific development, months of planning in the drawing room, hours of building and painting in the workshop. Just check out our previous blog post on car manufacturing methods through the years – it’s truly amazing stuff.


Cars are an expression of ourselves

Some choose to express themselves through their clothing, others choose to express themselves through their cars. Everything from the colour, the model, the manufacturer, the extra fit outs say something about the owner, whether it’s “I like to draw attention to myself with my loud muffler”, or “I Just borrowed this car from my sister and I don’t actually like the pink stickers on the back windscreen”.



What do you think? Why do we love our cars so much?

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