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New Year Car Resolutions

October, 2011

With just three months left of the year, it can’t hurt to start getting your car up to scratch with some much-needed maintenance to ensure it’s in perfect condition in time to take that driving holiday with family or mates. Or, if you’re trying to sell your car to buy a new one in time for the new year, a clean, well-looked after car will always look more attractive to potential buyers.

Here’s a list of simple, quick ways to make your car feel fresh, new, and ready for the rest of the year:


Fix small issues that you’ve been “meaning to get around to”

Torn seat fabric? Cracked tail light? Old, streaky windscreen wipers? Now’s the time to get onto it! Inspect your car completely, and make a list of all the small things you can either fix yourself, or have fixed for not too much money. Set aside some time to tackle one or two tasks every few days. Windscreen wipers, for example, are an easy one. Simply buy some new blade covers for a few dollars, and replace them yourself.


Empty the boot

If you’ve always got old sports equipment, bags of “clothes to donate”, or mountains of spare shoes in your boot, it’s time to spring clean. All that extra junk in the trunk could be increasing your petrol bill by adding unnecessary weight to your vehicle. So drop those donation items off at a charity bin, put the unused sports equipment in the garage or cupboard, and keep only one pair of emergency shoes or clothes in the boot if you absolutely must.


Clean your car seats

If you love that new car smell, a great way to get it is to give your car seats a thorough cleaning. Nothing will feel or look nicer than fresh, clean-smelling car seat fabric or leather. For protecting your seats and interior,
try  ULTRA Plus Fabric Protection. Bonus: Anti-abrasion formula to increase resitance against wear and tear.


Get a service

Sometimes, there’s nobody better to care for your car than a professional, and there’s no better time than now to book your car in for a complete service to give it the pampering it needs and deserves after a long year. John Hughes has three different service centres around WA, and we offer affordable service loan cars for as little as $30 a day while your pride and joy is getting a tune up. We’ve also got 12 mobile vans that can come to you, so there’s no excuse not to give your car a professional, trustworthy service. Check out our car services and repairs section.


A little TLC for your car now will really pay off by the time the new year rolls around.


What are your top car care resolutions and tips for the new year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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