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Make Your Car Journey Safer

August, 2015

Car Safety Tips

According to the Road Safety Commission, Western Australian have already experienced 93 Road Fatalities this year alone, 44 were from the metropolitan area and 49 regional WA.

We believe that no matter how experienced you are as a driver, it’s important to step back and re-evaluate your driving habits every now and again. Whether it’s your first year of driving or your 20th, it’s time to note where you might be going wrong and understand the simple changes you can enforce to protect yourself, your passengers and others on the road.

Avoid controllable distractions

From 20015 to 2007, 32% of all road crash deaths are serious injuries were caused by driver distraction.*

The Road Safety commission say there are several known distractions. They include:

  1. Eating or drinking
  2. Outside person, object or events
  3. Adjusting car controls like the radio and air conditioning
  4. Passengers in the car
  5. Moving objects in the car
  6. Smoking related
  7. Calling, texting or using a mobile
  8. Using a device or object brought into the vehicle


Check your speed

It should be automatic to check your speed a couple of times per minute and you should always be aware of the speed limit on the road you are driving on. If in doubt, stay at 60kms unless you’re in a residential area, then 50kms is then the correct speed. No matter how well you know the area, when there are road works check the speed limits regularly as they can change. If you use cruise control, be careful of changing speed limits and adjust cruise control accordingly.

Complete a seat belt check

All passengers (including pets) should have a seat belt or restraint.

Before starting the car, complete a quick seat-belt check for your passengers safety. A child should never travel on someones lap, instead they should be secured with a suitable restraint. If you are traveling with your pet, ensure you have a carrier box or pet seat belt system.

What’s your driving awareness like?

General driving awareness includes (but not limited to):

  • Breaking early – you should also have adequate space between you and the car in-front of you
  • Indicating correctly – make sure you leave enough time between indicating and changes lanes/turning
  • Keeping left – kept left, unless overtaking
  • Planning ahead – do you rely on device navigation? Plan your journey ahead just to ease the stress

*Information retrieved from Road Safety Commission fact sheet.

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