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Life hacks or accessories to make your car cooler – literally

January, 2015

The Australian sun is known worldwide. As firefighters battle to contain blazes during the most recent West Australian heat wave, following what was Australia’s third hottest year to date, it becomes important and downright necessary to remember whatever it is you have to do to keep the mercury at a palatable level. Travelling in your car is no exception. Here are some helpful hints to keep your automobile comfortable in days of extreme heat.

Park Smart

Parking is often a case of grabbing whatever is available, though if you can, choose spots that are in the shade or will be in the shade depending on how long you intend to leave your car in that particular spot. Cars can reach temperatures of up to 30 degrees more than what the mercury reads. If indeed you are unlucky and have to park in a sunny spot, protection from the sun may become necessary. Sunshades are widely available and come in a variety of different materials.


Cover Up

Covering just about all surface area of the car will help keep the temperature down. Covering the dashboard with a fabric of your choosing will prevent you from scorching your elbows on the hot vinyl surface, and it helps protect it too. Covering your steering wheel with specially made covers or covers of your own is also an option. If you have leather seats, covering them with blankets or towels is handy if you’re leaving your car whilst at the beach or generally outdoors.


Fan Out

Purchasing a solar-powered fan is a great idea. Cracking the windows ever so slightly after parking is another one too. If you have good air conditioning, getting the most out of it may be the most obvious approach. Be attentive to any peculiar noises or obvious defects that may arise. Remember to run the AC for at least ten minutes every month. If the air has that musty quality, the system’s evaporator unit may have become infested with bacterial or fungal growths. Most AC systems are highly complex and serviceable only by a professional, which can always help you with at John Hughes Auto.


Get Creative

If you’re returning to your car after leaving it in the sun for a long time, wind down the passenger side window, move to the opposite side and then open the driver’s side door, repeating in gusts 5 times. What this does is help circulate the car by sucking the hot air out and replacing it with cooler air outside the car!

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