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John Hughes’ guide to camping with your car in Perth

March, 2015

There may be a variety of reasons you choose to use your John Hughes car as your own portable campsite; you may, like many of us, be utterly in love with your automobile, unwilling to part with it. It may be a frugal choice, you might despise tents and those fiddly connector things. Whatever the reason, with a little preparation, and a little imagination, there’s no reason your cars cannot serve you in ways that have little to do with hitting the open road.

As with most endeavours in life, you need to plan. Depending on your party, your budget, and your vehicle, your need to create some space in order for you to do what you need to do, sleep. If you’re lucky enough to be cruising in a station wagon, van or something similar, a covered bed awaits. If you’re driving in a second-hand hatchback, you need to prepare yourself for the realities of your rather confined sleeping arrangement. Bedding almost always helps, so remember to pack blankets, pillows, elbow pillows, even inflatable mattresses.

You need to be safe, and you need to be legal. The last thing you want is an angry officer or ranger rapping on your window as you snooze in your hotel on wheels. If you’re camping in the great outdoors, ensure you have the necessary passes to be doing so. Wherever you choose, make sure you and your vehicle are out of harm’s way so somebody doesn’t call roadside assistance.

Your chosen vehicle will need to be decked out for all manners of utility. Depending on your type of vacation, you’ll need to pack and find the space for the appropriate essentials. Most campsites in and around the Perth area are equipped with a variety of facilities; showers, barbeques, toilets, though you may want to include camping cutlery, hardy footwear, first aid kit, torch, insect repellent, matches, lighters, and an ample supply of drinking water. Be sure to include curtains, windshield, sunshades, small tarps or any kind of material you can drape across your windows to keep the heat out and the privacy high. Depending on your location, access to certain amenities may be limited, so make sure you include the proper toiletries. Planning for horrible weather is a must, so take along anything that may amuse yourself and/or your camping buddies as you while away the rainy weather; cards, instruments, books, tablets, whatever floats your boat.

Let’s take a closer look at two of the best locales you can hit up in and around the Perth area:

Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup.

The Murray River flows through the Lane Poole Reserve, perfect for canoeing and swimming. There are plenty of things to do; bush walking, fishing, mountain bike riding and horse riding, or if you’d rather, simply marvel at the abundant flora and fauna.

Yalgorup National Park

Thrombolites are one of the main attractions of the Yalgorup National Park. Circular rock structures that are actually microbialites, that is, rocks created by micro-organisms, Lake Clifton is one of the only places they exist in the world. Also known for its lake of vast beauty, Yalgorup has plenty of outdoor activities to tide you over.

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