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Introducing a Small Car that’s different – The Hyundai Elantra

January, 2012


The small car market is one of the most competitive in the car industry. Most buyers looking for a small car are conscious of reducing running costs and want the convenience and flexibility that come with owning a small car. However, most don’t want to reduce drive, comfort or versatility.

Well, there’s some good news for these small car buyers – meet the “big small car”, The Hyundai Elantra and it’s available at John Hughes Hyundai in Perth.

The Elantra comes in three different models, The Active, The Elite and The Premium. The new look for the Elantra is a real achievement for Hyundai. It’s sleek, stylish, safe and also very, very smart!


The Hyunda Elantra Elite


The Elite comes standard with sixteen inch alloys, piano finished inserts, multimedia surround sound and all the safety features you could want. It features a stunning interior that has obviously demanded as much from the designers as its exterior. It’s roomy, comfortable and thoughtfully laid out. The new sporty steering wheel comes with mounted controls, so you can change the radio station, flick through the on-board computer and even answer your Bluetooth phone, all without removing your hands from the steering wheel.


Hyundai have utilised what they call “Wind Craft”, and a combination of sleek lines throughout the Elantra’s exterior to give it a more mature sporty stance and broader appeal.


The new Elantra is a successful evolution from the dated small car to a chiseled sporty sedan. Helped by its sloping, coupe-like roofline, wider wheelbase and slightly lower profile, it’s designed to slice thru the wind!


A peek under the Elantra Hood


Hyundai has a newly designed and built the 1.8 litre low emission petrol engine, made from strong aluminum that powers the Elantra.


The Continuously Variable Valve Timing technology used in the new engine helps deliver greater fuel efficiency and heavily reduces CO2 emissions while delivering super sporty power. The Elantra consumes just 7.1 litres of fuel for every hundred kilometres. This is matched with Hyundai’s new 6 speed Automatic transmission. A six-speed manual is available only in the Active model.


A Smooth Driving Experience from Hyundai


The Elantra makes the visual promise for an extraordinary drive, and that’s actually what you get. It’s really comfortable, smooth, quiet and for a “small car”, it’s very responsive.


The Elantra comes with a 5 star ANCAP safety rating. Across all three models you get six airbags, four channel ABS, EBD, Electronic Stability Control with traction control, Vehicle Stability Management plus in the Elite and Premium models you also get rear park assist.


The new, completely redesigned Hyundai Elantra is a great example of what can be achieved when talented designers think outside the square.


Best of all, it’s proof that you can still have everything you would expect from a large car in a small one, which is great for our environment and even better for your wallet.


To experience the new age Elantra for yourself, drop into John Hughes Hyundai.


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