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How to make your car trip to work healthier, happier and more productive

August, 2011

If you’re a commuter who drives to work every day, you no doubt already know the frustrations that come with commuting to work in peak hour traffic, bumper to bumper with other vehicles, inching along, averaging a whopping 3km/h.

A recent report has revealed the slowest peak-hour commutes across Australia. Sydney’s Manly to the CBD trip has been named as the worst in the country, taking 50 minutes for just a 15km drive. Perth was actually ranked the best city in which to drive to and from work, and had some of the quickest commute times in the whole country. But everyone is bound to run into morning madness on the road sometimes, and catching public transport can often be even more frustrating, with crowded trains, buses, constant delays and track work. If you’re looking to make your commute more productive, we’ve put together some tips to make use of your time in the car, relieve stress and ensure you get to work or home feeling energised and in a great mood.


Learn something or be inspired

If you want to spend your time in your car learning something new, podcasts are a great way to do it. You can teach yourself French, take a history lesson or catch up with the latest technological developments and news in your field. Check out the huge list of language podcasts available on the iTunes app store. Then, simply plug in your iPod (most new cars have streamlined mp3 player functionality) and get listening.


Don’t listen to idiots on the radio

There’s often nothing soothing or inspiring about morning radio – especially when you consider loud, obnoxious radio presenters, ads which are 300 decibels higher than the rest of the music, and the need to skip stations constantly to find one that actually plays music. If morning radio gives you road rage, make a playlist of your own music to get you inspired and energised for the day, rather than listening to idiotic shock jocks. Try upbeat music for the drive to work, and soothing, chilled out music to wind down to on the way home.


Relax and improve your mood

Smell has the ability to greatly affect our mood, and scented car air fresheners can make your car a pleasant, relaxing haven away from the chaos outside. Lavender, peppermint and rosemary and are all scents which can help calm and energise, so look for natural scented diffusers for your car.


Get a massage

Yep, you read that correctly. It may seem daggy, but massaging car seats can actually help you feel relaxed and increase your blood flow and concentration on your commutes and other long drives. Be sure to find one that doesn’t require any fiddling with too many buttons or knobs while driving. Strike has one available, and the controls can be integrated with your dashboard to minimise distracting button-pushing.

So, with a few tips and accessories, your commutes can be more healthy and positive. Wave goodbye to honking horns, road rage and middle fingers out the window…

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