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Glovebox Essentials: Things you should keep in your car

February, 2014

Road maps are redundant, and we Australians certainly don’t need driving gloves. Used cars have them, news cars have them – but what is the glovebox for?

Well, there are a lot of things you might like to keep in there. With summer well on its way, a family road trip along the Western Australian coastline sounds delightful. Before you jump behind the wheel, don’t forget to triple check you’ve packed these essential items just in case things take a turn for the worse.

Life Hammer

You’ve probably seen these before on trains and buses around Perth. Basically, it’s a hammer engineered specifically for emergency escapes from vehicles. You can buy a Life Hammer on eBay for relatively cheap, or pop down to Bunnings if you can’t wait for postage.

Manufacturers handbook

If your car manufacturer’s handbook is not already in the glove compartment, hop to it. Your car manufacturers manual holds essential information like ideal tyre pressure, which will come in handy if you get a flat on the road.

Tyre pressure gauge

Again, if you get a flat a tyre pressure gauge is invaluable. It’s also a great idea to have one of your own so you can periodically monitor tyre pressure. Seasonal changes in driving conditions will affect your tyre pressure so you want to ensure that you’re monitoring to keep those tyres in optimal performance condition.

Emergency assistance information and documents

Keep the contact details of your local car service and repair centre on hand, as well as the details for the RAC in case you require roadside assistance. Your registration and insurance forms should be kept with these documents too.

While chap-stick, tissues and hand moisturiser are great to have stashed away in your glovebox, don’t forget to keep some emergency essentials on hand too. Keeping all of the above in your car might seem a bit excessive, but as they say – it’s better to be safe than sorry!


What’s in your glovebox? 

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