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Geneva International Motor Show: highlights

March, 2013

In March, the Geneva International Motor Show is the hot name on everyone’s lips. With a slew of impressive, powerful cars and a history of innovation, it’s no wonder that people flock to this event every year. Of course, the 2013 show saw yet another fantastic host of new cars, ranging from the intriguing to flashy and incredibly expensive.

From the birth of the hypercar to sustainable consumer vehicles, we’ve rounded up the highlights that took centre-stage during this year’s ten day event.

The hypercar emerges

Apparently, supercars are just not enough for us anymore – media have declared the birth of the hypercar following the Geneva International Motor Show. With Formula 1 technology breaking into the realm of the supercar, 2013’s range of vehicles are more powerful than ever before.

The Ferrari LaFerrari wowed car enthusiasts and media alike with its 6.3 litre V12 engine that delivers over 950 HP and can get from rest to 100km/h in just three seconds. Lamborghini’s response to the LaFerrari is the Veneno: a car with a V12 engine, a carbon-fibre body and interior, and a rear that is optimized for underbody aerodynamics; meanwhile, McLaren unveiled the P1, which has a twin-turbo V8 and a shape derived from F1 aerodynamics. The P1 also has an electric motor, and can run purely on electric power for up to 20km/h – we love the sustainable element, as well as the car’s sheer power.

Volkswagen wins Car of the Year 2013

Every year, a car is declared Car of the Year by a panel of international automobile experts, and this year, one of the Volkswagen cars took out the coveted award. The Volkswagen Golf VII scored 414 points (a full 212 points ahead of second place) for its “high level of quality and safety” and its attention to the needs of consumers. With a new start-stop system that gives an approximate 18 per cent improvement in efficiency, an engine upgrade, and a new exhaust system, the Golf VII is an improvement on a winning formula that will hit Australia later this year.

VW Golf

Image credit: VWGolf7

Asia giants unveil some interesting concepts

Concept cars are always a source of buzz, and this year it’s the Asian car giants who have injected some intriguing ingredients into the automobile stew. Kia’s Provo Concept looks more like R2-D2 than it looks like a car, but with a turbocharged 1.6 litre four-cylinder engine, 201HP and an electric motor, it’s likely to be just as useful to us as R2 was to Luke.

Image credit: Latinos Post

Nissan’s Resonance Concept, however, looks more like R2’s counterpart, C3PO. Sporting a glass roof, 22-inch wheels, and lights shaped like boomerangs, this sleek vehicle is, quite literally, a glimpse at the future of consumer cars.

Image credit: AutoWeek

Lean, green machines

No motor show is complete without the sustainable vehicle line-up, and the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show reveals just how serious the car industry is about going green. From the Land Rover’s whopping seven new electric models of the popular Defender to Mitsubishi’s GR-HEV diesel-electric hybrid, eco-friendly cars are slowly but surely cementing their place in the future of the automobile world.

Which car is your favourite from the Geneva International Motor Show?

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