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Five Australian built iphone apps to help keep John Hughes drivers safe.

March, 2015

Although there are millions of apps available to download to your phone, there are some that are much more useful than others. We’ve selected five of our top Aussie-built apps that we think will help you stay safe on Perth roads. But, of course, don’t use them while you’re driving.

Right Move Perth

Created by the Department of Transport (WA), Right Move Perth is specifically for local commuters to let you know when there are events or conditions that may affect safe and efficient travel in our city. You can add your regular routes and Right Move will notify you of any accidents via push notifications, which can be filtered to events near to your current location, events on your regular routes, incidents near your calendar events with locations or all major roads. The app is built to give you real time audio announcements and includes any relevant data that will keep you safe including road works, signal faults, breakdowns, crashes, fires and public transport interruptions. This app is particularly useful for busy people who can’t afford to lose time stuck on Perth roads.

Perth Pocket Weather


Pocket Weather AU

Taking its data from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, the Pocket Weather Australia app presents all the data you need to safely plan for your trip and displays it in an easy to understand interface. The information can be viewed in each city, or for a more detailed approach, you can search via suburb. For off-road drivers the app also includes rain radars, tide times and push notifications for extreme temperatures and forecasts. Additional data includes maximum UV forecasts, weekly forecasts and sunrise and sunset times with first and last light. If you’re camping this summer, make sure that you have this app or something similar to stay safe.


Auto Logbook

For the self-employed, freelance worker, contractor or traveling salesperson, logbooks can be a real pain in the tail pipe. Thankfully, Auto Logbook is an Australian Tax Office compliant app that tracks a driver’s toll roads, allowances, business kilometres and routes for accurate claims processes. Drivers can run full reports that can be submitted directly to an accountant, bookkeeper, employer or the ATO. The system also supports multiple driver profiles, so car sharing is not a problem. Not only will you be saving yourself plenty of time by automating your paperwork, you’ll also be more concentrated on the road, knowing that everything is taken care of.


It might seem a bit strange to see a taxi-booking app on this list, but sometimes the best way to be a safe driver is not to drive at all. If you’ve had a few drinks, have too many passengers or are feeling ill, it’s a great idea to stay away from the wheel and instead take a taxi. GoCatch is an Australian app that will find you the nearest available taxi, avoiding call centres and hold tones. You can hail and pay for the fare through your iPhone, meaning that GoCatch is not only convenient, but also secure. You can see your driver approaching and even rate their service. It’s an incredibly comprehensive app that is free to install and works in all major Australian cities.

Speed Adviser

Speed Adviser

This app is perhaps what you’d deem to be the ultimate in driver safety. Using the GPS of your smartphone Speed Adviser can track your speed and send an audible notification to warn you that you’re driving too fast. It can also notify you in changes of speed limits and warn you when approaching a school zone. Whilst not appropriate for L and P plate drivers, it can be used by heavy vehicles with speed limits of 100km/h. Even though the app has been developed in NSW it is still functional Australia wide in beta. No driving data is collected and no speeding incidents are reported to authorities – it is simply there to make drivers aware of their speed.

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