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Car brands you may have never heard of (but would love to try out)

October, 2012

We’re all aware of the regular car marques and models – Holden, Volkswagen, Ford, Jeep, Mitsubishi… The list goes on and on.

But what about some of the car brands many of us may have never heard of? Here’s a roundup of our favourite lesser-known car brands that we think would be worth at least a few test drives.


A tiny England-based motor company (apparently they only have 7 employees and produce less than 100 cars per year), Aerial specialise in two-seater high-performance cars powered by Honda sports engines. They’re also super-light, weighing in at less than 500kg.=, and we reckon they look like lots of fun to take for a spin.


An Aerial car. Image source: Wikipedia


Lancia probably isn’t a name you hear very often in Australia, but this Italian car manufacturer has been around since 1906. Now a part of the Fiat group, Lancia have traditionally specialised in rally cars – which makes us even more keen to test drive one.


Lancia rally car

A Lancia rally car. Image credit: Super Classic Cars



The Dutch car company Spyker is as fierce as its name suggests. Founded in 1999, the relatively new car marque sold just 290 cars between 2000 and 2010, making the brand rather exclusive and very enticing to car enthusiasts like us…


Spyker Cars

A Spyker concept car. Image credit: Choosing Automotive


What’s your favourite lesser-known car brand that you’d love to take for a test spin?

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