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Chrysler 300C: Affordable Luxury

July, 2015

Back in 2005, when Australia got its first glimpse of the Chrysler 300C, no one could have guessed how well this car would eventually take to our roads. It was initially seen as being more ‘gangsta chic’ than luxury thanks to its large 20” rims, huge faux-Royce grille, Detroit persona and solid shape. It was bold, brash and American; we’d never seen anything like it before and we were slow to give it a fair go.


But over the past decade Australian car culture has changed. With the farewelling of the Fairlane and the last offering of the Falcon currently the FG X, there is a hole in the market for a vehicle to stand tall in rivalry alongside the Caprice – to continue that fleet-leading showdown close to the heart of all Australian motoring enthusiasts.


This has allowed Chrysler to take a stronghold in the sub-premium limo market, which is why we now see them dotted around the CBD with hire car number plates, shiny black paint, chrome detailing and chauffers. This makes a bit of sense when you think about it, considering that Ford, like Chrysler, comes out of the USA.


Unlike its European rivals – the A8s, S Classes and 7 Series of the world – the 300 isn’t only reserved for the rich, though. At sub-50K new and around the $35,000 mark second-hand, the 300 is unbelievable value for executives, growing families or upwardly mobile couples.


In many ways the 300 has led the charge in this sub-market paving the way for reinvigorated public appeal for models like the Kia Optima and the new Hyundai Genesis. See more at


When the car was given a facia upgrade in 2011 it lost any ‘hard knock life’ aesthetic it may have once carried and instead transitioned into being a sleek, chic and desirable executive saloon.


2015 sees the second upgrade to the original design, continuing with the previous tweaks including a revived SRT8 which features cast aluminium paddle shifters and body hugging heated and ventilated front seats. The real gem in the SRT8 still lies hidden under the bonnet – 347 kW and 631 Nm of torque powered by a 6.4-litre V8 engine – that’s still a whole lot of car! Alternatively you can drive the 300 Limited, 300C, 300C Luxury or S, meaning there’s a choice for all buyers.


The 300’s luxury disposition, competitive price and growing popularity makes it a shoe-in purchase for anyone in the market for a large sedan. The big question still remains, however, whether Australia will adopt it as our ‘new’ Fairlane. Can we back it when it goes head to head with the Statesman and will we begin to feel the rivalry between the two brands like we once did between Ford and Holden?


Only time will tell, but as it begins to fill Ford’s extra large saloon void, our bet is that the Chrysler 300 will continue to perform well. Check out the 300 and drop into our showroom today and chat with one of our Chrysler specialists.

Best Mitsubishi Family Cars

When looking for a family car with unquestionable reliability, lots of buyers tend to steer towards the Japanese brands. Toyota being our top choice, Australians are also known to love Nissans, Suzukis and Subarus. But some of the best choices Aussie families can make are vehicles from the tried and tested Mitsubishi fleet – or as the brand would rather us refer to them as…’Mitsies’.


Unlike many of the other manufacturers, Mitsubishi isn’t trying to fill every possible niche available – they’re simply doing the basics really, really, really well. There’s the undisputable Lancer, which has proved its value through the ages, from small family car to Dad’s weekend pocket rocket. There’s the Pajero, which has also earned its place in suburban culture – known for its workhorse approach to picking up the kids from school, driving around the outback or working on the farm. And then there are the brand’s other time-tested vehicles like the Mirage and Triton.


Other models that are up to their second, third or fourth generation, like the Challenger and ASX have quickly defined their place in the market providing Australian families with cars that are rugged, reliable and dynamic. The Outlander, for example, is a fantastic alternative to the Subaru Outback, Skoda Octavia Scout 4×4 or even the Audi A6 Allroad Quattro Estate, meaning drivers simply have more options when it comes to buying.


Of course, just because the Mitsubishi family car line-up is a little more sparse than say Toyota or Ford, that doesn’t mean the company isn’t innovating – it has a dedicated development plan to further its consumer electric hybrid models like the Outlander PHEV and iMiEV.


In the future you’ll be seeing this technology rolled out across more Mitsubishi family cars like the GC-PHEV concept which is a full sized SUV based on a front engine, rear-wheel drive layout plug-in hybrid EV system. There’s also the XR-PHEV Concept, an ASX-like futuristic vehicle which focuses heavily on danger detection and safety functions.


So why would a family go for a Mitsubishi vehicle over its competitors? The diamond advantage is clear and simple. Mitsubishi is a reliable brand with great vehicles which have performed well over generations of drivers. The fleet is pared back to the basics, meaning there are no distracting bells and whistles, no superfluous niche models or smoke and mirrors. If you’re looking for a car that can take a beating but also help you arrive in comfort and style, then come into John Hughes to view our latest range of new and used cars for sale, including the best from Mitsubishi.

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