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The best new concept cars of the future

July, 2011

The John Hughes Round up of the five best concept cars

At every major automotive show every year, everyone eagerly awaits the unveiling of the latest and greatest concept cars which feature state of the art technologies, features and designs. Here’s our roundup of the latest concept cars being unveiled by car manufacturers. It’s got us tingling with excitement about the future of cars!


  • Lexus LF-Gh
    • They’ve only released teaser images at this stage, but car experts and enthusiasts alike are already fiercely debating over the specifications, features, and even what the ‘LF-Gh’ part of the name stands for (although many have agreed it stands for Future Grand Touring Hybrid).  It’s being touted as the “future of Lexus design”, but we’ll have to wait until it’s unveiled on the eve of the New York Auto Show, on April 19.


  • Chevrolet Mi-ray
    • Korean for the word “future”, the new ‘Mi-ray’ roadster concept car certainly looks like it’s from there. Silver and streamlined, it manages to look sleek and modern while still paying homage to the brand’s 1960’s sports car heritage.  GM Korea President and CEO Mike Arcamone said “it strengthens the bond between car and driver, creating a fresh look at what sports cars of the future might be.”


  • Mini Rocketman
    • Not just a cool-sounding name, Mini’s new concept is a far cry from the 1959 original, and explores different ways of using the interior space of a compact car. It gets its name from its doors, which look like rocket fins, but it doesn’t just look cool – it’s actually useful for when you’re in a narrow parking space, and a traditional car door can’t swing out as far. While it only really has 3 seats, it also gives you the option to add an additional seat if you need to give that friend an emergency lift home.


  • Audi Quattro
    • May sound familiar because they always seemed to be giving one away on Sale of the Century, Audi’s new multi-million dollar Quattro concept pays homage to the original from the 1980s while packing in some extra stand out features such as a turbocharged 2.5-litre five-cylinder engine capable of a whopping 408 horsepower. Looks-wise, it’s futuristic without being tacky, and is also extremely lightweight due to its aluminium space frame, aluminium body panels and carbon fibre parts. Actual production of the new Audi is rumoured to be starting in 2013.


  • BMW Vision ConnectedDrive
    • If you love electronics, BMW’s new roadster concept is for you. With three separate driving modes, which BMW calls safety, infotainment and environment, there’s a different colour light to signify each different mode. Our favourite is the blue-light ‘infotainment’ mode – it presents the passenger with ‘an Emotional Browser’ on a screen, which shows nearby locations. The passenger can then choose a location and send its address to the driver’s navigation screen. Talk about backseat driving!


  • Volkswagen Bulli
    • The ultimate car for the modern, tech-obsessed hippy, the new Volkswagen Bulli (better known as a Kombi in Australia) is a concept which references the original model from the 1950s, except it has an electric motor in the front.  The shiny red and white mini bus boasts a 40kWh Lithium-ion battery pack with a range of 300km, and can be charged in just an hour. The car seats six, and the bright red leather seats also fold down to hold all your cargo, and it’s also got an iPad integrated into the system to  control all infotainment functions.

If you’re a real car enthusiast, and love to buy cars online, we bet you can’t wait for these amazing concept cars to become a reality. If you’re looking for a car that’s ready for you now, then contact us about our great range!



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