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March, 2014

We bring you all the hype and buzz from the Australian and International automotive industries. From concept cars and new releases to the latest tech innovation in auto, this is the scoop on automotive chatter of the minute.


Right click, download a car

Every man and his dog have heard of 3D printing at this point. Since becoming almost affordable to the everyday man, 3D printer projects are enjoying mainstream popularity Honda seems to have cottoned on, with their recent free release of 3D printing data for five past concept cars. Albeit, without the necessary equipment and information required to build engines, the resulting models will probably resemble something like a toy shell of the concept vehicles. Setbacks aside, it’s an interesting direction for the automotive industry to take. Perhaps in a few years we’ll see an open market for car hardware?


2014 VW Golf Wagon arrives in Australia

Volkswagen’s brand-new 2014 Golf Wagon series has hit Australian shores. Equipped with two petrol engines and a single range-topping diesel, the new Wagon will join the Volkswagen Golf Hatch range of 2013. You can choose from three engine options: 90TSI and 103TSI petrol, and 110TDI diesel. It comes with all the safety trimming including airbags, electronic stability program, multi-collision braking system and electronic park brake. Take a look below.

Images: The Motor Report


Coming soon: Touchscreen in-car infotainment system

A while back, we wrote a piece on the dangers of modern driver distraction. Modern car interiors are increasingly data intensive, with a host of buttons, dials and switches to control the various functions. All this extra information can be a bit of a distraction to drivers – but it looks like Designer Matthaeus Krenn aims to change all that.

Matthaeus has come up with a new concept infotainment system with a touch screen interface that will negate the need for all those buttons and levers and contraptions. The touch screen will be an intuitive interface that drivers can swish, slide and pinch at to control car functions much like the familiar smartphone controls. It might sound distracting, but after a few tries Matthaeus envisions that drivers won’t need to glimpse the screen. Want to turn the radio down? Swish with two fingers to the left.


Rare 1966 Ford GT40 Found in a California Garage

Image: Popular Mechanics

A super rare 1966 Ford GT40 has been collecting dust in a California garage since 1977. The model is a Chassis No. 1067, which is amongst the rarest of all Ford GT40. So rare, that it is the only surviving model of three GT40 Mki cars that came with a rear clamshell. It was also the last produced in 1966, and last to use the Ford serial number. Phew! As we expected, the proud new owner handed over a pretty penny for this extraordinary find.

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