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January, 2014

We bring you all the hype and buzz from the Australian and International automotive industries. From concept cars and new releases to the latest tech innovation in auto, this is the scoop on automotive chatter of the minute.


The 2015 Chrysler 200 has been revealed

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Feast your eyes on the Chrysler 200. A selection of official photographs of the much-anticipated mid-size sedan model have been doing the rounds since a press release leak in early January.


Chrysler 200 interior

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The new model will be offered with front and all-wheel drive configurations. The 200 will be powered by an 184hp 2.4-liter inline four and a 295hp 3.6-liter V6, paired to a 9sp automatic. Rumour has it that the US version will have a price point of $21,700 plus a $995 destination fee.


The RideTech ’33 Ford to be auctioned off


The RideTech 33 Ford

Image source: Dubmagazine

For those that haven’t been following the evolution of the RideTech ’33 Ford, listen up. The car started out as a Factory Five, and has been given the special treatment by the creators over at RideTech. The craftsmen hand formed a riveted aluminium exterior, deck lid hinges, rear spoiler, license plate bezel and added an assortment of hand crafted brackets and mounts. The interior is something special too. The aluminium seats are fitted with ergonomic foam cushions and customised leather covers. In short – it’s a really good-looking Ford model, and it will be up for grabs at the Barrett Jackson auction on January 18th.

RideTech interior

Innovation in Fuel Efficiency An Ultra-light Three-Wheel Car 

Three-Wheel car

Image source: Popular Mechanic

It may not be the most conventional looking car, but the Elio promises to cut fuel costs and has a five-star crash rating to boot. The three-wheeled car is the brainchild of Paul Elio, who appears to be making his first foray into the automotive business. Paul plans to offer buyers a tempting payment plan based on a gasoline credit card.  In terms of mileage, it sits at about 84 miles per gallon (or 134km per 4 liters approximately). That is a fair saving on fuel dollars, which the gasoline credit card takes advantage of:

“If you decide you want to buy an Elio, one of the options we plan to make available is payment for the car through use of a credit card you’ll be issued to purchase gas for the car. Let’s say you put $10 worth of gas in the car. When you use the card, the amount charged would be $30. Twenty of that would go toward payment of the car. There would be a minimum amount you’d be required to pay every month, but the savings in mileage would make it affordable for just about anyone,” Paul says.

The innovative design took 46 engineers to conceptualise and should be in production in the US by June this year.

Would you drive a three-wheeled car? 

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