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May, 2014

We bring you the latest buzz from the automotive industries. From concept cars, to new technology innovations, to news that makes you go “what were they thinking?”, this is the buzz from the world of cars.

Kia Unveils A Sports Car!

What comes to mind when you think of Kia? Family cars? Affordability? South Korea?

While all true, the company recently showed off a concept car at the Detroit Auto Show that blows what you’d expect from Kia out of the water. The yellow and black 2+2 sports coupe would have looked at home in any high end show room.

Named the GT4 Stinger, the car is short and wide, giving it the look of a sleek city sports car. With vertical LED headlights, a touchscreen on the inside dash, and a transparent, red LED display of the instrument clusters, the vibe the concept gives off is most definitely one of futurism. And that’s the point: Kia has no plans to put this car into production… yet.

If they ever do decide to drive down that road, they will be very well prepared.


Battery Cars

Over the next 20 years, it’s predicted that hybrids will make up over half of the cars on our roads. However, the current weight of the batteries used to power these vehicles is less than optimal, with weight affecting everything from acceleration to miles per gallon.

Many car manufacturers are researching polymer fibre and carbon resin panels to be used in the storage of electricity. These panels will easily slide into the body of the car, essentially turning the car into one big battery. With other modifications like the capture of solar energy in the works, our automobiles are going to be given a lot more weight and energy efficient.


Wooden Beetle

It’s the usual story. You retire from your gig as a Volkswagen employee in the lovely country of Bosnia and Herzegovina; you buy a Beetle, strip out the metal, and rebuild everything from the body to the dashboard to the radio aerial out of wood.

Image Source

Well that’s what Momir Bojic and his wife did in their home workshop. It took 18 months of hard work, but the modified VW looks quite quaint, don’t you think?


What’s in a name?


Ever wonder who Rolls and Royce were? What Hyundai even means? Or even why Hitler commissioned the creation of Volkswagen? Well, this video from Mental Floss has you covered. It’s 32 car name meanings in 8 minutes. Get ready for some rapid-fire knowledge.


Would you drive a wooden beetle? 

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