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May, 2014

We bring you all the hype and buzz from the Australian and International automotive industries. From concept cars and new releases to the latest technology innovation in auto, this is the scoop on automotive chatter of the minute.

Watch How Need for Speed Make Engines go vrrrrrm

You don’t see Need for Speed for the riveting dialogue. You see it for the cars – the glorious, glorious cars. The sleek bodies, the burning tyres, and the dulcet tones of a freshly oiled engine. Just how do they make those engines sound so good? The sound engineers and mixers at Need for Speed have a few tricks up their sleeve…


The 2015 Ford Mustang made its motion picture debut in Need for Speed. The new pony car has undergone an exciting redesign, replacing the live rear axle with an integral-link independent suspension, and adding new stability control and launch control systems. Take a look below.

Image: Ford Mustang in Race Red

Take a look inside the Ford RS200

Paddy McGrath is a writer over at one of our favourite auto blogs – Speedhunters. He’s done a very personal write up about his favourite car of all time, a 1986 Ford RS200, packed with anecdotes and a treasure trove of photographs:

“I don’t know what age I was, but I remember sitting in front of the TV, watching a VHS of ’80s rallying whilst playing with my small Matchbox cars. There was one car in particular that I treasured over all the others though: a 1986 Ford RS200. Over twenty years later, that very same car sits on my desk. A reminder, if ever one was needed, why I love doing what I do. This ‘dinky’ though formed a special bond between a younger and more impressionable version of myself and Ford’s Group B supercar.”

Read the full article on the blog.

The Mitsubishi Motors’ Extreme MPG Hypermiling Challenge

It was not so long ago that we cheered at our TVs as Formula 1 drivers burnt some rubber. Halfway across the world, Mitsubishi Motors were holding their own race – with a difference. The Extreme MPG Hypermiling Challenge pitted journalists against each other in a race from LA to California. Instead of first over the line, the driver with the lowest average fuel economy would win. The title went to Aaron Gold of About.Com, with a fuel efficiency of 74.1 in his Kiwi Green Mitsubishi Mirage. In a bid to reduce aerodynamic drag, Aaron taped his Mitsubishi with duct tape. Looks like it paid off.

What do you think of the new look 2015 Ford Mustang? 

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