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Car colours – the latest results in most popular colours and styles

August, 2012

With Hyundai recently releasing the Veloster SR Turbo with its exciting muscular design and powerful performance, we got all inspired by all the exciting and vibrant new range of colours. Colour, after all, can be the difference between a sleek, polished car and one that looks like your grandmother’s old curtains.

Here are the colours that are making their mark on our dashboards at the moment.

Autumn shades: oranges, browns, and gold’s

While it may be warming up here in Oz, those in the northern hemisphere are gearing up for winter. These warm hues are perfect to give your car some pop when it starts snowing over – these colours also work well with the new vehicle shapes that are surfacing (especially the SUVs).

Sporting brights: yellow, indigo, pink and purple

On the complete opposite side of the car (and colour) spectrum, brights are holding their ground as the go-to shade for sports cars. With yellow still being the iconic Lamborghini colour, it’s no wonder sporty cars equate to bold colours which catch the eye as they zoom past.

What’s the most popular colour right now?

While silver is normally touted as the safest and most popular car choice, there’s a new contender for first place: white. White cars look clean-cut, sleek, and fresh; they’re less conventional than silver, but safe enough for mainstream car buyers. Plus, a study shows that white cars hold their value best – a win if you’re planning to resell your car in a few years’ time.

And in last place…

Greens and maroons remain largely unpopular, particularly on the used car market. On the bright side, though, if you own a green car, your vehicle won’t be targeted by birds. A recent survey reveals that only one in a hundred green cars got pooped on by birds. Red cars, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky: 18 cars in a hundred were splattered by bird droppings.

What colour is your car right now?

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