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September, 2014

Have you ever met a car nut? I mean a true blue, crazed, drool-out-the-corner-of-their-mouth kind of car nut. They’re the people who take their ownership to the next level, whether that means sporting a matching Ford Performance Racing baseball cap and camping chair at their kid’s footy game, or dressing up in their VW branded polo shirt for a dinner out at a nice restaurant. They’ve got the merchandise to prove their allegiance, their living rooms are often decorated with all kinds of memorabilia and they’ll take any chance they can get to talk your ear off about their beloved chosen marque.

Well chances are if you’re reading this blog you yourself might be one such an enthusiast. Like us, you probably revel in a hearty discussion over which year model is the best looking Mustang, appreciate a well-restored Kombi and get a bit snap happy at car shows. So to whet your appetite until your next encounter with other hardcore car fanatics, we’ve searched around Australia for some of the best car clubs in the country.


Falcon GT Club of Australia – Victoria

Image source: Falcon FT Club VIC

Formed in 1977, this club boasts being the original and oldest motoring club in Australia dedicated to the iconic Falcon GT. Members are devoted to the preservation and promotion of one of the most revered vehicles ever manufactured in the country and support and encourage interest in all models. The club hosts monthly meetings with guest speakers and drive at least one club run each month, usually tabbed as a breakfast cruise and get together.

An affection for all types of GTs are accepted, including models from the 60s and 70s, including South African GTs, the Anniversary GTs of the 90s, B-series GTs and GT-Ps and the current FG GT range. Sorry, no Commodore fans allowed!

Club VeeDub – New South Wales

Image source: Club VeeDub


Who doesn’t love an old VeeDub? The way they grunt to life, their impossibly loud cabins, their charming little faces and their shake, rattle & roll approach to life. A restored classic Kombi, Beetle or 1600 is always an instant head-turner on the road and if you’re partial to a little timely admiring, then Club VeeDub has got you serviced.

The club was founded in 1985 and is Australia’s largest VW and Audi club with a countrywide membership base. The community doesn’t just cater to vintage models however as all cars are welcomed from Passat to Golf, Caddy to Eos. They even include Audi, Seat and Skoda models and enjoy regular Fish n Chips Runs.


Mitsubishi 4WD Club – Queensland

Image source: Mitsubishi 4WD Club QLD

If you’re more of a hands-on admirer and would rather take it for a spin instead of just taking a photo, then the Mitsubishi 4WD Club of Queensland will have you gagging for a go. Grab your Akubra, load up the truck and hit the bush with this family-friendly troupe of like-minded explorers.

The club was formed in 1986 and prides its membership on regular trips taken to relatively inaccessible places where members can participate in activities such as camping, bush walking, sightseeing, fishing or photography. This club proves that 4WD enthusiasts live a lifestyle that goes beyond just their love of the three silver diamonds.


Chrysler Car Club – South Australia

Image source: Chrysler Car Club SA

Noted as being the birthplace of the Valiant and spiritual home of Chrysler down under, it seems very fitting that one of the country’s biggest and oldest Chrysler car clubs is in South Australia. Monthly meetings attract at least 40 enthusiasts across Valiant, Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep and Chrysler badges and include BBQs, drives and discussions.

The group is active on Facebook and their page features albums of restored classics with paint jobs set to put your drool production into hyper-drive. Everything from vintage curves to straight lined muscle can be found in the club, all awaiting your admiration.


Jeep Owners Club – Western Australia

Image source: Friends of JOCWA Facebook page

There’s something ultimately alluring about a car make that doesn’t change its aesthetics much over the years. It means that the designers and engineers got it right the first time, it doesn’t need tweaking; it’s almost perfect. For 4X4 owners, this comes to life in the Jeep Wrangler. Tried and true, real Jeep fans appreciate the style and capabilities of one of the world’s toughest workhorses.

The Jeep Owners Club WA celebrates the Wrangler and Jeeps of all kinds with outings, events, training and knowledge sharing activities including monthly off-road events and occasional river crossings. Don’t hold back and get out there, but as the above picture warns, you might have to get your gear off to get back in gear.

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