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Best Road Trips for this Summer

December, 2018

The weather is heating up, the beaches are calling to us and the great open road is ready and waiting! Maybe you are thinking of embarking on the grand road trip this summer. Well if you are, here are our top 6!

The Gibb River Road
The Gibb River Road is one of the most unusual road trips you could take in Australia. The striking country is one of legends, the unbelievable contrast of deep reds and vivid blues take you away from reality and into a dream. The road is scattered with beautiful natural watering holes and cultural experiences. Traditionally a 4×4 trip, the Gibb River has become far more accessible over the recent years, a challenge ready to be taken on by everyone!

Bell Gorge – Australian Traveller


Perth to Broome
Perth to Broome is a traditional summer drive for many families escaping the city and heading to even hotter weather. The stunning and vast surrounds of Broome range from vibrant blue oceans to deep and captivating reds of the deserts. The stunning coastal drive covers roughly 2,500 kms. The journey up the West Coast is just as much the destination in itself, as reaching the stunning end point of Broome. WA hosts so of the world’s most stunning beaches, then adds another layer of complexity when you hit the Kimberley region. Discover the ancient landmarks and landscape one in incomparable road trip up North.

Broome – Australian Traveller


Cape to Cape
One of the great drives of Australia, the Cape to Cape trail is one that offers everything! Good food, good wine, good waves. Not to mention the scenery is disputably unbeatable. The drive from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin is only a shot 110 km. Easily done in a day, just saying. Though, you would probably miss a great deal of cultural, foodie and natural experiences. Find yourself a unspoiled and secluded beach to take a dip. Get lost in the majestic and historical trees of the Boranup Karri Forest. And maybe, just maybe find the perfect drop through the world-renowned wine country. This short stint, has miles to offer.

Cape to Cape – Australian Traveller


The Nullarbor
Well few Australian road trips let you cross 3 time zones, and travel on the longest stretch of completely straight road. Many Australians tackle this 3500 km road trip, each summer as part of their Christmas tradition. Whether you are from one side of Oz and currently living on the other, or just love the sight of endless red dirt, the Nullarbor is a drive worth taking. The Nullarbor has much to offer, beyond the traditional flat and empty look many picture. Incredible caves, plunging cliff sides and traditional cultures and sunsets that blend road and sky are all on offer in this once in a lifetime drive.

The Nullarbor – Australian Traveller


Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road really delivers on it’s name – stunning coastal views, speckled with native wildlife, adventure, and some of the best beaches Australia has to offer. From Torquay to Allansford, wind along and be mesmerised by the Victorian coast. Find stunning sights like the 12 Apostles, charming country towns, Apollo Bay, the Otways and Bells Beach. At just over 240 km long, this ride will keep you captivated and wanting more from start to finish. And maybe even after!

Great Ocean Road – Australian Traveller


Cairns to Cape York
A drive for the adventurers! It is a pretty special feeling to have made it over a 1000 km plus drive to make it to the peak of Australia. The 4WD adventure is an iconic Australian trip, toughing it through rugged terrain and ancient scenery. Watch out for the wildlife, some will be watching for you, and taken in the wild and untouched landscape for all it is worth.

Cairns to Cape York – Australian Traveller

Now that you have your dreamy destination inspiration sorted, you can’t forget about the most important part of the road trip! No, not the party mix lollies, or the party mix playlist, but the health and wellbeing of your car! Before you take your family or friends away for the trip of your lives this summer, make sure you book into John Hughes Service to make sure you are really set to go.

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