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The Best Modern Car Campaigns

June, 2013

We all love buying new cars that are fast. We all love buying new cars that have a classic look and feel. But how much of an effect does an advertising campaign have on you as a consumer? Does it influence you? Would you buy a car simply because the ad made you laugh at loud? These companies banked on that and other charming features to encourage car lovers to buy buy buy.

Volkswagen cars’ ‘The Force’

This commercial from 2011 was a piece of classic Volkswagen advertising. It was super popular, cute and more than a little funny. Need a reminder? The little boy dressed as Darth Vader is surprised to find that he can use ‘the force’ to lock and unlock his father’s Volksvagen. Adorable. The build-up is the best part, focusing n the story rather than on the technical capabilities of the car. It’s a refreshing different way of selling your luxury vehicle.


More Volkswagen cars

The “Golf R Drivers Forever” app for the iPad is a shining example of getting innovative with digital technology. When you have the opportunity to broadcast your message across many platforms, why wouldn’t you go the digital route? From 2012, and free on the iTunes store, this app gives you inside access into the machinery at Volkswagen, with footage of the test drive process and the making of the 2012 Golf R.


Chrysler’s ‘Made in Detroit’

This ad first aired at the SuperBowl. It’s credited with helping keep the Detroit automotive industry alive. Featuring Eminem, a gospel choir, and a hard-as-nails voiceover, it inspired America’s inner-patriot to buy homemade cars. It was a bit of a plug for Detroit the city, as well as the classy black car itself. Plus having a star in your ad is pretty much the definition of pulling power.


Renault’s Speed Dating

Thought speed dating was just people waiting at tables and talk for a few minutes at a time? No sir. This is speed dating with an emphasis on the speed part. Renault released this video last week of Caroline, professional stunt driver, taking some men out on a date in a very nice Renault they’re not likely to forget. It’ll make you laugh, even if it’s all in French. There are some awfully unimpressed passengers in that car.


Have you ever bought a car you first saw on television? 

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