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Best Cars for First Time Drivers

October, 2018

Best Cars for First Time Drivers

Buying a car for the first time is one of the rites of passage to adulthood for a teenager and a memorable experience even for those who aren’t. If you’ve recently obtained your driver’s license, it is very common to get your own set of wheels as soon as possible.

But buying and maintaining a car can be quite the costly affair, which is why the best way to maximise in this situation is to get one that is affordable, economical and has a low insurance rating. When you buy a new car, you will get warranty coverage, while lowering the chances of mechanical defects in the first few years.

In this article, we’ve listed some of the best cars that new drivers should get today. These vehicles are manageable and small enough to easily position them on the road and when parking while providing some form of luxury to keep them safe and connected at the same time.

Skoda Citigo Hatchback

This hatchback has been one of the best first car choices for many people around the world. It offers a complete package for first-time drivers due to its fuel economy and having a low insurance rating. It is definitely one of the cheapest ones you can get in the market today.

Aside from that, the Citigo is also stylish for a hatchback and can be quite fun to drive as well. Although it may have similar underpinnings to the SEAT Mii and Volkswagen Up!, the Citigo is the cheapest among these three and also gives the most value for your money. But if you prefer their looks, the SEAT and VW models are also worthy considerations.

Ford Fiesta Hatchback

Frequently sitting atop the best-sellers list for first-time drivers to buy, the Ford Fiesta is an ideal hatchback to own and drive thanks to its innovative MyKey feature. This system lets parents entrust their young family members by allowing the vehicle to impose a set of behaviour-related settings such as a maximum speed limit, seatbelt reminders and even a maximum stereo volume. These settings will be coded on a single key but they can be overridden when another one is used.

In this way, every member of the household will be able to enjoy the car the way they want it. The Ford Fiesta will, however, be a bit more costly than others in this list, but it is still a great deal for practicality and the space it provides.

Volkswagen Polo

This is also another popular choice for the newly qualified drivers and for first-time car buyers as well. It comes as no surprise since the Polo is known for its quality, reliability and value that it gives to the owner. They are appealing for those new drivers who want a compact but stylish vehicle with a solid resale value once they wish to move on.

The Polo boasts safety features such as autonomous emergency braking together with an anti-lock braking system.

Audi A3

A great first car for drivers that wish to have one that is quite luxurious for starters, the compact and classy vehicle provides its owner with an amazing interior that matches well with its exterior design. The compact size of the Audi A3 is an ideal choice for urban and city driving while having sufficient space in the interior for passengers to ride comfortably.

The vehicle is known for its reliability and btop-notch safety ratings. It is also ideal for people who are a bit price conscious since it is astonishingly efficient – having an excellent fuel economy, low CO2 emissions and affordable insurance premiums.

Toyota Yaris

If you’re looking for a small car that gives you one of the best values in the market today, the Toyota Yaris is the one for you. The vehicle is very easy to maintain and is a very reliable one to have for many years. Its ride quality is high, manoeuvrability is easy and it provides outstanding reliability as well.

The Yaris achieved a five-star Euro NCAP crash test rating in 2005 which makes it to the top of this list when it comes to safety. Aside from that, it also very economical with regards to fuel consumption and has low insurance ratings as well. First-time drivers have a choice from the compact 1.0-litre three-door model to the 1.5-litre five-door options.

MINI Hatchback

One of the more expensive but best cars for first time drivers in this list, the MINI hatchback is still a very desirable vehicle to have due to its image. It is more the car that people want to have instead of the one they need, but it can pretty much back this up by being an excellent choice for a first car.

The hatchback offers brilliant handling (similar to the Ford Fiesta) while providing a retro-chic design that makes it ideal for fashion-conscious buyers. Its retro theme is the same for its interior where owners can find its well-known and over-sized speedometer which surrounds the infotainment screen of the car. Entry level MINI One models are affordable to run and are quite durable inside and out.

Nissan Qashqai

New drivers that want to have a bigger vehicle compared to the compacts and hatchbacks can get a Nissan Qashqai instead. It offers a compact SUV design that is very practical and ideal for road trips, festivals and dog owners. It first came out back in the year 2006 with the second generation being released in 2013. It now has many versions with a 1.2 or 1.5-litre petrol or diesel engines which makes them quite affordable to ensure nowadays.


Buying a new car is indeed an experience that first time buyers won’t forget. It is an amazing feeling to have something new – whether you’ve just recently obtained your driver’s license or have been waiting to get a car of your own. Getting a new car instead of a new one also means more safety and reliability in the long run.


In this article, we’ve listed some of the best cars that new drivers should get today. These vehicles are manageable and small enough to easily position them on the road and when parking while providing some form of luxury to keep them safe and connected at the same time.

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