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Art Galleries to visit in Margaret River Region

December, 2014

The southwest town of Western Australia, The Margaret River, is not just a gorgeous, sleepy seaside spot. Though it’s landscapes lend themselves well to sleepy seaside activities, fear not that this holiday-worthy spot is fit only for the beach-loving tourist. Such a landscape is suited to paintings, performance, photographs, sketches, sculpture, all which can be seen in the diverse art galleries and cultural centres of the Margaret River region.

Take yourself on a visual journey through the Margaret River and learn why it’s a true inspiration and centre of attention for so many artists.


Arts Margaret River, The Arts Hub

This is the perfect location to enjoy live performance, including theatre, cinema, comedy, music and dance, poetry, literature and art exhibitions. The Arts Hub does what its name suggests by providing a ‘hub’ for all things creative, interpretive and entertaining. Even the setting– an architecturally designed building built using local materials pays homage to the Margaret River landscape. The design references typical Western Australian rural flourmills, and use of timber reflects the regions heritage of timber trading. As a visitor, you’ll get to watch, listen and view art, making the experience at the Margaret River Arts Hub a real treat for the senses.


Margaret River Gallery

The Margaret River Gallery is the region’s most extensive contemporary art gallery. Showcasing both local and international works, the display provides an eclectic feel and mix of colour, expression and theme portrayed through mixed mediums. The collection at The Margaret River Gallery includes modern jewellery, glassware, ceramics, and woodwork, much of which is a reflection of the artists’ interpretation of the Margaret River ‘feel’.

The Margaret River Gallery is known for its choice to feature emerging artists. New works from new artists including an explanation of how they got there is common to the gallery that have made a name for themselves in offering the platform between artists ‘breaking out’ and entering the professional realm.

Visit the gallery from Thursday to Tuesday.


Jahroc Galleries

At Jahroc Galleries, you’ll’ find art and furniture in a unique gallery that forges a connection between art and design. Between the walls of this dynamic space, you can view, touch and shop for art. Specialising in Glass, Sculpture, Jewellery, Fine Art and Fine wood, Jahroc Galleries is located in the Main Street of Margaret River. Open 7 days a week, furniture designers Gary Bennett and David Paris are the recipients of a multitude of awards, having sold their pieces to clients all across the world via Jahroc.

The natural world proves to be a recurring inspiration in the art and design of the Jahroc Galleries. The outback and the ocean inform the artists, and is reflected in their work. Gary and David create their pieces in a stunning and remote workshop close to the Margaret River, and attempt to effect the local environment as little as possible. In the past Gary and David have employed the use of resources other might deem obsolete, such as demolished warehouses, fallen trees and bridges.

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