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5 Driving Apps For Your Morning Commute

April, 2014

We got along just fine without apps. But now that they’re here, we couldn’t imagine a world without our GPS systems, Twitter apps and everything else in between. From crowd-sourced traffic alerts, to the best coffee in the area – these are the apps that have got the John Hughes office talking.


Waze – Free!

Waze is a social driving application. Traffic data, hints and tips are crowd-sourced from real Australian drivers using Waze at the same time as you. When you notice something on a drive (traffic jams, police, accidents, hazards, speed cameras etc.), hit “report” and other users will be able to see your note on their interface. Once a driver has reported an incident, other drivers on the road confirm the incident. You can even chat with other users that you spot on the map. The app is most useful for scoping out quick routes. As a bonus, the adorable interface will really brighten your morning commute.

XLR8 – Free!

An app made for the rev-heads. XLR8 plugs into your in-car stereo system and makes V8 growls when you rev your engine. Even though your engine is (probably) not a V8. Choose from classic V8 muscle car, NASCAR engine, Ford GT40, Ferrari sports car, or Lamborghini Super-car. You might get some funny looks rolling round the streets in your small car, “engines” blazing. But hey, who cares? It’s all fun and games.

Beanhunter – Free!

Not quite a driving app… but we couldn’t resist including Beanhunter for our morning commuters with an extra five minutes up their sleeve. Sort your morning coffee with this map app that locates coffee shops nearby. Coffee shops are also rated by reviews, so you know you’re getting a good morning brew before you jump behind the wheel again.

Honk – $0.99

Honk is a simple parking meter app. Do you really need a whole bunch of whiz bang features for a parking app? We think not. Park your car, drop a pin, set your parking limit and forget about it. When the meter goes off and it’s time to head back to home base, simply locate your car with the dropped pin. If you’re partial to losing yourself in car parks, you can take a photo of your park and annotate with notes. It has everything you need from a parking meter app, with a simple, easy-on-the-eye layout.

Last Call – Free!

Last Call is a blood alcohol level application that doesn’t need any breathalyser attachments. It works by calculating your blood alcohol level based on how many and which drinks you’ve consumed over a certain period. There are plenty of drink options and sizes to choose from. The app visualises your BA in a neat line graph, and if you’ve gone over, you can call a taxi from within the app. You can also check out a list of local DUI lawyers – but we hope it doesn’t come to that.


What’s your favourite driver app? 

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