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The 5 Best Driving Roads in Australia

July, 2011

The Five Best Driving Roads in Australia

Ah, the good ol’ fashioned road trip. A holiday choice immortalised by countless films and song lyrics, there’s nothing like hitting the open road for some quality time with your car and your friends or family. Here’s a rundown of all the best roads in Australia to drive down.

Mount Keira Road, NSW.

Located just near Wollongong, in New South Wales, this road winds up the slopes of eucalyptus and sub-tropical rainforest-covered Mount Keira. It offers beautiful views of nature and the city of Wollongong, and stop off points along the way include Wollongong harbour and lighthouse, Mt. Keira Summit Park, an old coal mine, the Byarong Park and a Scouts camp.

Mount Barrow Discovery Trail, TAS.

Mount Barrow Discovery Trail is a 24-km circuit gravel road off the Tasman Highway. Located in an area with a rich timber harvesting history dating back to the 1880s, the road winds through Mount Barrow State Forest. Points of interest on the trail include lookouts, restored workmen’s huts, a sawmill site, tramways and several walking tracks, as well as magnificent views, rainforest and alpine vegetation.

Lasseter Highway, NT.

Connecting Uluru east to the Stuart Highway, the 244-km long Lasseter Highway in the Northern Territory is the perfect road to pretend you’re in one of those American classic movies, road tripping through the desert without a care in the world. Roll down the windows, put on your aviator sunnies, turn the music up, and enjoy the open air rushing past you. Freedom at its finest.

Great Alpine Road, VIC.

This is perhaps one of Australia’s most well-known driving roads. At 300km long, you could technically cover it all in a day, but you definitely shouldn’t. Take it piece by piece, and enjoy everything you pass along the way – from little towns, wineries, restaurants, cycling tracks and even fishing spots. Mt. Beauty is a scenic stop which truly lives up to its name, and the Alpine National Park has some of the most beautiful flora and fauna in the whole state. You can even go skiing here in winter.

Caves Road, WA.

With this beautiful driving road, it’s no wonder so many people visiting this region are looking to buy used cars in Perth, WA. This forest road adjacent to the Margaret River is perfect for those of us who want to take it a little easy. That’s not to say this road is boring – in fact there’s plenty to do on this winding piece of road on Australia’s far South West coast. There are around 350 caves hidden amongst the limestone ridge underneath the area of Margaret River, and four of these are open to the public. There are plenty of wineries just off Caves Road, as well as restaurants and cafes with the freshest local produce you’ll find for miles. For those who love a bit of water action, there are even some nice beaches for surfing and swimming along the way.

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