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The John Hughes Round- Up of the 5 best car blogs on the web!

July, 2011

The John Hughes Round up of the five best car blogs on the web

With the internet truly taking its hold on all things to do with news and culture, car blogs have exploded in popularity and influence, with many people offering their advice, opinions and car tips to anyone who will listen. But it’s hard to sort through all the different blogs and weed out the pretenders from the true automotive aficionados. Here’s a roundup of some top car blogs which have become leading authorities in their own right when it comes to car advice and expertise.

Motorator – The Motorator is a fantastic, wide-ranging site which covers everything from car gadget news to new and limited edition car models. The site also allows car enthusiasts to join the community and share latest videos, tips and advice. It’s very technical, so it’s perhaps best for readers who already know their stuff when it comes to fabricated 6061-T6 aluminium valve covers and belt driven superchargers. Check it out and join the discussion at

Autoblog – Autoblog is another great, wide-ranging car blog which will give you your fix of car news, reviews, quickies (test drives, that is!), round ups of all major international motor shows, as well as a section dedicated entirely to green cars and environmentally friendly automotive technology. You’ll also find a bit of light-hearted humour, with the authors regularly admitting how much they’re looking forward to the latest cartoon car movies to come out (Pixar’s ‘Cars 2’, anyone?). Visit the blog at

RideLust – If you like your car blogs to look as good as they read, RideLust is a tongue-in cheek, visually striking blog which offers hilarious advice and pieces on why you’re a shit driver, as well as instructional videos on things like ‘differentials for dummies’. We’ve never come across something on this site that hasn’t been a great read, and there’s enough to keep you entertained and informed for hours. “Hoonage” videos, smart-ass car reviews, hilarious fail photos, as well as rather philosophical discussions on topics such as whether or not manual transmission is obsolete or not. It’s enough to keep the most red-blooded car fan satisfied. The RideLust guys ask you to send your questions, comments, and death threats to them at

Drive – This home-grown Australian blog is car central and keeps you up to date with everything to do with car and motorcycle news and culture. You’ll always know about that $275,000 Ferrari book that was just published, or why people are bored with Top Gear (who thought it was possible??) It’s also got an option to let you search for new and used cars for sale in Perth, WA, or any other major city. Check it out at

The Cars Fail blog – Not so much a blog as a funny yet often scary reminder to all of us to stay safe, slow down and drive carefully on the road! Readers can upload their own videos and photos they’ve captured of motorists behaving badly, bizarre collisions and vehicles which have somehow ended up where they just shouldn’t be. Car accidents are no laughing matter – but the extremely poor parking skills of some of the drivers featured on the blog are worth a giggle.


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